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May 3rd 2005
Published: May 3rd 2005
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SOOO Wendy just called me, my Hispanic Studies advisor from LC. I had a twenty minute Oral Proficiency Exam, to finish up my hispanic studies major, supposedly I was supposed to have taken it before I left but she forgot to tell me that, hence she forgot to give it to me. It consisted of speaking in Spanish, of course, and which was fine since I have been speaking it straight for the past 4 months. Anyways it consisted of questions, situations, etc. I was a lil nervous cause I get tested, and the results go on my resume, to show the level of proficiency of which I speak Spanish. ANYWAYS, to the great part...at the end she just kept congragulating me on how well I speak, saying that people must be pretty impressed when they hear me speak in Spanish!...not to brag or anything buy hello this has only been like my life ever since I went to Argentina, and now to be professionally tested and given such comments Im pretty stoked. Now I can happily go watch some cheesy Chilean telenovela and sleep!!!


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