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February 19th 2005
Published: February 19th 2005
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soo what can i say..i absolutely love chile and i looveeee all the students from the us. we´ll maybe not all but at least 75 percent of them. everyone is soo much fun and all about having a good time. we´re all makin travel plans and its like we´ve been friends forever...we´ve all been out the past two nites partying it up...here the drink is pisco and you can get it a variety of ways..it reminds me of ...the smell of tequila....smoothness of rum and the after taste of vodka..its soo good though. we ate last nite and a 5 star restaurant at the top of a skyscrapper..the restaurant turned in cirles all nite..it wa s a5 course meal that lasted 4 hours...and we all got drunk off wine..and i hate wine but im gonna have to start liking it here.. we´ve been all over the city and i really like santiago. tomorrow we go to valparaiso and meet our host families. so of course we´re all going out tonite after much needed naps!! love to alll.....D


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