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February 15th 2005
Published: February 15th 2005
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Okay so im here in Puerto Montt, Chile. I have been here before so its nice that I can spend the day without feeling lost. Thank god I was able to leave my luggage at the bus station...i really did bring way too much..oh well! Caro and I went out last nite to Wilkenny...the hot spot now in Bariloche. It is an irish pub but its great cause everyone..and i mean everyone goes! We were quite the hit on the dance floor. By the time we got home I had just enough time to shower, dress, finish the last minute packing stuff before I was off to the bus station. It was nice though cause the first bus ride went by super fast as I slept the whole way.besides when we had to go though Argentine customs and then Chilean. its ridiculously humid here and i would just love to be able to take a shower. but whats really nice is that Puerto Montt(puerto=port) which = SEAFOOD!!!! so after i am done here im going to go get me some. im starved. i must say that i have been enjoying the food way too much..for whatever reason though i{ve lost a lot of weight instead of gaining so i just continue to eat..but ive definitely been enjoying the delicious alfahors..delicately mastered pieces of work of chocolate layered with the creamiest south american delight of Dulce de Leche ..pure perfection!!! and lets not forget the delightful milanesas and empanadas..ok after that i must eat now!!! chau!


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