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July 1st 2005
Published: July 1st 2005
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So i just spent the past five days in santiago (the capital of chile) and had an absolute blast! we stayed in a hostel just five blocks from La mondeda (the chilean version of the white house) and the main center of downtown santiago. We went to the Plaza de los Derechos Humanos (The Human Rights Plaza)---super sad. It is a memorial park--dedicated to those who were murdered during Chilean´s dirty war--the overthrow of Allende and dictatorship of Pinocher where over 2000 lives were lost. At this park is a wall with pictures of those who were detained, tortured, murdered and los desaparecidos (the disappeared), as well as a building where the were tortured.
On a lighter note, we went up to Cerro San Cristobal, where you can see over all of Santiago (god the city is just absolutely HUGEE!!!!!!). ate some great food, walked around the center, got lost, was just a nice lil break from Viña and Valpo.
Next week I have just two finals (one on tues and one on thurs) and besides that just hanging out with those of us who are still here on the program, friends and my family. Cause after some issues and a new 600 dollar ticket home, im coming home 3 week early!! im sad but will be excited to get back, enjoy summer, move into my new condo with nat and DECORATE, go to the house in maine for a week and see my family who i never get to see, hopefully make it out to the lake house in saint louis and just work on the tan (oh ya and try to figure out what im going to do with the next year of my life......)
im going out dancing tonite, of course, and will spend this weekend packing, finishing up my gift buying--please dont expect too much--and maybe a lil studying here and there.
i cant wait for you all the see the pics and hear the stories of my travels!!!! definitely call or email me or ill be calling you all soon as i get back (ill be home afternoon of sunday, july 10th)..and of course you´re ALLLLL welcome to come visit me and stay with me in my new condo!!! we have a pool-------but you have to bring the steak--dont worry about the booze, im bringing plenty back from south america!!! 😊 hey im of legal age, no worries!!!
love to all. D
ps- so its going to be super hard leaving my host family here, they are just amazing, and leaving my lil bros is going to be horrendous....i just got back a few hours ago and lil jose (9 yrs) and i decided that im going to leave all my clothes here (im sure my mom is super stoked to hear that!!--cause she seems to think i have plenty!!!-as if!) and instead he will be going in my suitcase with some bread and two bottles of water..hes just toooooo cute!!!!


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