Chau Chile

Published: July 9th 2005
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So my last day is today in Chile (and my last travelblog-for this journal at least-in South America--for the time being!)...and im super sad. I leave at 3pm to go to Santiago and then take the 8:35pm Delta flight to Atlanta, then to LaGuardia, take a taxi to JFK and then a 3pm flight to Burlington, getting in around4pm. It has been a stressful week trying to pack--im still not finished and am leaving a ton of stuff here 😞, saying my good-byes---wayyy too emotional, and my exams. Turns out I only had one final, instead of two, which was a 10min oral exam--i just had to prepare a subject and talk about it-super easy, I studied for a whole day for the second one, only to arrive too early and then find out that I had a high enough grade in the class that I didnt have to take the final! Not sure how that happened but I was happy enough!! My host family had a good-bye dinner for me last nite, having a toast with pisco sour then I went out for my last time in Valparaiso. I had an amazing semester and am too sad that it has come to an end so quickly though hopefully Ill be back next year. Im going to miss my host family sooo much, especially my lil brothers who have begged me to stay for at least 3 more months, el Chileno!!, and of course all my friends here especially Beth and Erinn. Now I can say Im officially done with my college career and have officially graduated--yeah!!!!!! Ill see you all at home soon. Adios! Love, D


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