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South America » Chile » O Higgins » Santa Cruz March 8th 2018

Santa Cruz. We moved on to stay in a very congenial Californian’s apartment for a couple of days in Santa Cruz. He advised us on what to do and how to get there. We booked into Clos Apalta winery for starters ( for a tour of the very impressive winery then lunch. Turned out we were the only English speaking tourists so we had a personalised tour guide. Twenty years ago the winery was bought by the French family who invented Grand Marnier about a hundred years previously. They invested a lot in dynamiting out granite hills to build a beautiful structure reflecting the shape of a wine barrel. All of the processes used gravity to transfer the liquids from one stage to the next. To achieve this, the building was 70 meters tall but buried ... read more
The seven tea cups
The falls of the Bride's veil - obvious eh?

South America » Chile » O Higgins » Santa Cruz August 5th 2016

The Colchagua Valley, a 3 hour bus ride south of Santiago, is often visited on a day tour from the capital. Santa Cruz, the principal town, has pretty poor accommodations unless you're willing to splurge, but Peggy and I found a private apartment in town on Airbnb that was suficiente. The town itself was pretty ordinary, especially in the low tourist season (early August). We hired a cab for 30,000 for the day (42 dollars) and visited 3 wineries: Montes ( Peggy arranged a wine tour here, and since it was low season and we requested an English tour, it was just the guide and us. The guide looked half our age but was surprisingly knowledgable; his youthfulness translated into being a wine fanatic. Thankfully, he didn't concentrate on the separating of grapes or the process ... read more
Grapevines at Viu Manent
At Estampa Winery
Tasting Room at Montes

South America » Chile » O Higgins » Santa Cruz March 9th 2015

Unfortunately we had to change our plans slightly at this point. We were planning on going into the Chilean lake district of Pucon, however, the day before we were due to depart we discovered the area had been closed to travellers because of a potential volcano eruption. This proved accruate as it erupted the following day, thankfully no one was seriously hurt. Next stop Santiago then via a 16 hour bus trip. We spent a couple of days there but it didn't really feel like our kind of place and we quickly moved on, after all the grapes are ready to be picked! A relatively quick 2 hour bus trip down to Santa Cruz brought us into the heart of the Chilean wine region and just in time for their annual harvest festival. This was a ... read more
Street meat at its finiest!
Local music.
Food enclosure at the start of the day (before the crowds)

South America » Chile » O Higgins » Santa Cruz March 28th 2013

Yes, I know, it's been a long break between blog updates, but I've been busy trekking amazing Patagonia and it turns out there is no wifi in the middle of no where!! So here is a quick wrap for those who don't want to read the really cool details *I feel in love with a food stand chorizo sausage bun thingy for a mere $13 peso in Buenos Aires ( or just over $2 Aussie bucks ) pretty sure i got got an upset belly from the experience after we watched the pigeons eat from the same food container AFTER we had eaten. Totally worth it though! * crossed the boarder into Chile and met up with my trekking group ( we all met through an online trekking partner site.... I know, it sounds dodgy, turns ... read more

South America » Chile » O Higgins » Santa Cruz April 5th 2012

Fue Manet Today was going to be a good day. The sun was out, the scenery was beautiful and we were on our way to drink some wine. Having boarded a local bus in town, we were suddenly thrust into some stunning surroundings on our way to Fue Manet, our first of three wineries here in the Santa Cruz region of Chile. Although many a bottle had been shared between the three of us in the past back home, we had never been on a tour of a vineyard together and therefore we were really looking forward to this experience. Having been dropped off outside the vineyard, we made our way to the entrance where the tour would begin. Being a little early for the tour, we were able to soak up the atmosphere of the ... read more
Our horse-drawn cart 'pilot'
Our wonderful Posada
Lisa on the Bianca!

South America » Chile » O Higgins » Santa Cruz April 3rd 2012

We arrived in the little town of Santa Cruz after a fairly short bus ride from Santiago and immediately got to looking for accommodation. Our tactic was for the girls to hang out in the palm treed plaza whilst I wandered around the town looking for somewhere for us to stay. Looking back at my plan, it seems I may have given myself a bum deal! Luckily for us, there was an information point in the middle of the plaza and so I went over to see if they had any recommendations. Fortunately, the elderly lady at the information point had the perfect place for us to stay and set about making the arrangements on the phone for me to go see this ‘hotel’. I was guided to the accommodation in Spanish and immediately thought I ... read more
Where the 'hauntings' took place!
Gotta love a Donald lamp!
Maria was BIG on photos!

South America » Chile » O Higgins » Santa Cruz March 23rd 2012

But first: written on the side of a local church: If you want to use the toilet follow the path, and then down the steps. Saw a begger with elephantitis today. First time I have ever witnessed that desease so close. Put all my bullshit into perspective. Gave him my change, which is very unlike me. Egyptian kama perhaps? So, have decided to spend the weekend in Santa Cruz. Have packed lightly and left passport at the house. My Spanish is coming along nicely thanks to Andy, but also his mum Victoria, who is very patient as I struggle along tripping over my tongue as I try to communicate with her. A most wonderful woman who runs the home and clearly has her hand gently on the tiller to support her husband Ivor and her children. ... read more

South America » Chile » O Higgins » Santa Cruz January 24th 2009

We went back to Rengo and went to the Santa Cruz museum, there aren't many pictures of us inside as we were not allowed to take pictures in enclosed spaces, we took a sneaky picture and a security guard came running out of nowhere to tell us off! Santa Cruz is a small town that's about 1 hrs south of Rengo and it has the largest privately owned museum in Chile, the owner used to be an arms dealer :s. The next day we went to a place where we had a bbq and it had a swimmig pool in Rengo, it was the same place where I went the day before Andy arrived in December. ---------------------- ESPAÑOL Fuimos a Rengo y de ahí al museo de Santa Cruz, no hay muchas fotos de nosotros adentro ... read more
Andy driving a F2 Chilean car - Andy manejando un auto de formula 2 chileno
Pame & Carla
Andy getting onto a train - Andy subiendose al tren

South America » Chile » O Higgins » Santa Cruz January 6th 2009

The boat docked in Punta Arenas in Chile, giving us the day to sight see. It´s quite a small place and we managed to see all that it had to offer, which took some doing as the wind there is really, really strong - 120 kilometres an hour! We also spent a bit of time at the post office trying to post back some of the cruise memorabilia that we had collected before it got crushed and bent in the backpack. Trying to find an envelope, bubble wrap, sellotape etc with our limited spanish tested Andy´s patience somewhat - the luxury of the cruise and not having to think for ourselves for 10 days meant that we really did seem to make a meal of it. The place where we stayed was really nice. The beds ... read more
Happy New Year to you!
Happy New Year to us!
Torres del Paine National Park

South America » Chile » O Higgins » Santa Cruz December 19th 2008

Another wonderful day in paradise. Been reading the Times Colonist about the weather in Victoria. Boy am I glad we are not there. My thoughts are with everyone there and particularly my staff who I know must be having a terrible time. Here we have spent the day visiting wineries and sampling their wine. Pretty good all in all. Another wonderul hacienda for lunch and back for a awim and catching up on emails. Brian has bought a new hat!!! ... read more
Santa Cruz
Santa Cruz
Santa Cruz

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