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South America » Chile » O Higgins » Santa Cruz December 18th 2008

So we have arrived in Chile at last. We left Toronto in a heavy snow storm that delayed us by three hours. The temperature plummetted to minus 9 degrees and a strong wind. We managed to get off the bground thnaks to a couple of deicing efforts and 10 hours later we arrived in Santiago to a beautiful 30 degrees day. C not F!! The sky was blue and the flower in bloom, it was liking going through the back of the wardrobe into Narnia, but in reverse. Canada has seemed like perpetual winter. We collected our car and drove to Santa Cruz in the heart if the Colaghua Valley. This is one of the premier Wine producing ares and is the name most often found on the bottles of wine we can buy in Canada. ... read more
Santa Cruz
Santa Cruz
Santa Cruz

South America » Chile » O Higgins » Santa Cruz March 28th 2007

Käytiinpä tässä päivänä eräänä kämppisten kanssa vuokraemäntämme järjestämällä päiväretkellä Santa Cruzissa. Vielä tätä reissua ennen oli vuokraemäntämme aitous jonkinlainen kysymysmerkki. Eipä ole enää. Meitä piti alunperin olla seitsemän henkilöä lähdössä tälle retkelle - yhdeksälle oli tilaa. Sain pakumme tyhjät paikat täytettyä parilla saksalaisella kaverillani, Falkolla ja Stephaniella. Santa Cruz on historiallinen kaupunki noin 180 km Santiagosta etelään. Matkaan sisältyi kuljetukset, visiitti museossa, viinitilalla (jolla myös ruokailtiin), sekä ökyhaciendalla. Hintaa reissulle kertyi tuollaiset 18 000 pesoa (= 24,50€) Nousimme kahdentoista hengen korealaisvalmisteiseen pakuun. Meillä oli oikein kuskit ja kaikki. Lähdimme matkaan matkaan aamutuimaan. Ilma oli vähän niinkuin Anderssonin Pamela, aivan törkeen kuuma! Olikin to... read more
Pyöräilijä kävi Shellillä tankkaamassa
Viiniä tynnyri poikineen

South America » Chile » O Higgins » Santa Cruz December 29th 2005

22nd December 2005 We caught the morning bus from Bariloche to Osorno. We had planned to go to Valdivia but to get there it would have meant Andy and I going on seperate buses on different days as they were so full, running upto Christmas. Therefore as Osorno was described in the guidebook as a transport ´hub´ and in the right direction we headed off there. We arrived in Osorno at 1pm and found that the next bus to our desired destination was a night bus leaving at 11pm. So we booked our bus tickets and headed off to see the sights of Osorno. Which we soon found out wasn´t alot unless we wanted to get a taxi and head out of town. Osorno seems to herald from the concrete era and the most notable piece ... read more
Christmas Dinner
Osorno's main tourist attraction
La Posada Vine Yard

South America » Chile » O Higgins » Santa Cruz December 25th 2005

We both wanted to wish you all a Happy Christmas and send our best wishes to everyone! Thankyou for the messages we have received, it is nice to hear from poeple at home, or whom we have travelled with. We are currently in Santa Cruz in the Colchagua Valley in Chile - where most of the Chillean wines come from! Courtesy of Sam as our wedding gift we are in a five star hotel over the Christmas period which is great. The luxury is great, comfy beds, aircon, a swimming pool and a bath! Our first Christmas as Mr & Mrs Kelly will definately be one that we remember. It has been nice to sun ourselves by the pool and drink excellent Chilian wine, but I have had a few pangs of missing friends and family ... read more

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