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February 13th 2009
Published: February 14th 2009
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Following the trek up the Villarrica Volcano I decided to stay a bit longer in Pucon. I really did like this town. Some people I had met had suggested that I skip it because of its pricey shops and touristy feel, but I myself really enjoyed my time in Pucon.

I met Mickey and Moshiko in my hostel. Both were traveling together and had just really begun. We walked around the town, talked about our lives, and enjoyed the markets. We decided to go horseback riding the next day.

The three of us met Dana and Noa during our horseback riding adventure. I had not ridden a horse since I was maybe nine or ten. Wether or not I was in control of Loncoche, my horse, we were quickly trotting away up into the hills. The views on the way up we´re tough to take advantage of, but on the way down, we were able to see some gorgeous sites. We road our horses to the top of the hills where we dismounted and trekked to a hidden waterfall deep in the woods. The thin waterfall stood high above the tree line.

We stayed by the falls for about twenty minutes before heading back to our horses. Moshiko and Etan were crazy enough to jump into the falls while we were there. I say crazy because with the shadows from the trees, and the wind howling, the water was freezing.

I asked Dana if she wanted to join me on the beach and rent a boat for the morning. She joined me and we spent the morning on our red rowboat jumping into and out of the water. The water was cold but after letting out a couple of screams, we were able to swim around the lake. It really was a great day.

My time in Pucon was well spent. It was tough to leave as I was there for six days. In the end you you have to look at where you are going and look forward to the great times to come. There will be more great places and there will be more amazing people.

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15th February 2009

what a life!
Hey, where's all the scenery? All I see are the cute people you're hanging out with.

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