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10th May 2012

Go to Morocco!
Your itinerary sounds amazing and I don't know your timeline... but if you're in southern Spain already, you're so close... get thee to Morocco! It's truly amazing (even just in Tangier- but if you can spend a few days traveling you won't regret it). Lovelove and Brooklyn misses you! xxSusannah
19th April 2012

Awesome, awesome, awesome, and more awesome
From Blog: Into Cambodia
8th March 2012

What an incredible adventure and you tell it so well, I can see/feel it all! This will impact you, and all around you, a lifetime. Keep on keeping on!!!!
7th March 2012

Beautiful blog...great to see Burma is opening up...keep safe.
6th March 2012

6 Days in Northern Thailand, What to do?
Hey, just finished reading your last two blog entries. I am teaching in Nakhon Sawan Thailand, and have been to Chiang Mai for New Years, but spent only two days there. We have four friends coming to visit from the states, and we plan to be in Chiang Mai for Songkran, then Pai and possibly Mae Hong Son before leaving for Laos and Vietnam. Do you have any recommendations for us? I read what you said about the caves and they sound very cool. What about in Pai, any places to go, roads to travel?
6th March 2012

Northern Thailand
Hey Dan, Thanks for reading. If you're able to, I would highly recommend going from Chiang Mai to Soppong by motorbike. You can stop at Pai for a day or two, and then up to Soppong for a few. Its a gorgeous ride, and having the bikes for the flexibility in stopping wherever you'd like is key. I would recommend spending more time in Soppong and Pai. You don't need that much time in Mae Hong Son. Other than that, you can't make a single bad decision while you're in that area. Everything you do is great. Enjoy it man. Cheers, Nate
27th February 2012

I love Northern Thailand...
In my senior year of high school I surveyed the top of Doi Inthanon. See [blog=608085]. After college I returned to build the road to the top of the mountain and the radar station. See [blog=608085]. I took my kids to Thailand to see where I had grown up. See [blog=608085]. You can check out the blogs in either direction to get the context for my life there. Thanks for the memories. Glad you had a great time!
27th February 2012

What an adventure and beautiful scenery.
14th February 2012

I wanna travel tooooooo. You are having a blast and what an adventure! So happy that you're doing this and having fun and hopefully discovering what you want to do with yourself besides travelling for the rest of your life.
2nd February 2012

What a trip! You sound like you're having a real adventure. Miss you love ya
27th January 2012

love your blog and all the shots! I always want to visits Temples and Budhha - it makes me feel divine and peaceful, and it reminds me of all the legends and mysterious I read since little. Im so jealous you can visits such a great place!
27th January 2012

now that's how you steer a boat
The best ship captains always steer with their feet. Talk 'bout A NICE ONE!
10th January 2012

Thanks for posting pictures, I am living vicariously through your adventure. I am so excited for you and can't wait to hear the many stories you will have. Try to get to meet with the people of the country to get a better feel of life. Enjoy! love you mom
9th January 2012

Nate, Happy New Year! We miss you at EisnerAmper but I'm sure you don't miss the grind. I am still amazed you did this but reading your Keep it beautiful. I love the pepper women photos just hearing your story in general. Watch out, Jack Kerouac... :)
9th January 2012

Hi Nate! I\'m so glad that you\'re having such a great time, and taking time to rest! Really enjoying reading your experiences, keep em coming!
31st December 2011

Travel Bug
Always smile (you represent all of us), take it all in but also, take time to stand back and observe and feel the beauty of each town, village, country, appreciate and respect the differences, have few expectations,what you're doing is happening because you're young enough and you're not committed to anyone or anything at this stage in your life. Remember, stay safe, stay aware and don't think for one second that life is better somewhere else because it's not. You'll be surrounded by the daily life of another country, place and people and you're on an adventure. Sometimes, when we're looking for something to put the pieces together like a puzzle, we overlook the fact, that life is good and maybe, just maybe, all the pieces are already layed out for us and that happiness comes from within. We love you. Enjoy this time away. Not many people get to do what you're doing. Be yourself, stay safe and keep in touch. Love you mom.......
31st December 2011

Have a Blast!!
Have the time of your life, Nate! See, smell, taste, savor, experience, enjoy, and come home safe and sound. (whenever that is). Looking forward to sharing in your big adventure. Love and Namaste, Anita
13th March 2009

water water everywhere
OMG! what a view. You've now witnessed one of the seven wonders of the world. Six left to go. love you mommamia
13th March 2009

Nothing more to say.
13th March 2009

Gray skies are good too.
Your trip sounds amazing. I enjoy reading about all your adventures and try to imagine myself there, too. Not so easy, but I'm good at fantasizing. Thanks for keeping us all up to date. Fern
4th March 2009

boutiques, jewelry and shopping
So what did u buy me?
22nd February 2009

how was the tailgating?
21st February 2009

What happens if when they're not allowing you out till the others leave, you gotta go pee?
16th February 2009

OMG you're flying on the waves! Awesome FOOD POISONING? and this is how I find out? Jeesh!
15th February 2009

what a life!
Hey, where's all the scenery? All I see are the cute people you're hanging out with.
From Blog: Pucon

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