Published: July 18th 2006
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i made it to the south of brazil. I am in florianopolis, the capital of santa catarina. The city is located half on land, half on an island, connected by a bridge. The eastern side of the island is great. it has really pretty beaches ( of course,... this is brazil) and the town is nice. well constructed. Fortunatly, I made friends with some locals, so for the 3 days they took me around to different beaches and local hangouts. probably the highlight was the trance party i went to. Think of a rave, but cleaner- not as much drugs. The idea behind the movement is respect and peace for others and the environment. The place was amazing. it was in the south of the island. you park the car and have to walk through this jungle of many trees on a small dirt path. after 5 minutes, there is this hut with loud trance music (electronic/techno) and black lights. everyone is smiling and says hi to each other and doing whatever they want. there were many security guards, so i did not see many drugs or pot.
the other highlight was sandboarding. it was not much of a thrill becuase the board is wood and hard to turn. you basically go straight down the dunes and not very fast. after two hours, it is exhausting becuase you have to hike up all the dunes yourself.
other than that, i just relaxed on the beach and surfed.

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the centerthe center
the center

florianopolis has a very colonial/ portuguese feeling


19th July 2006

Nice Job
Hi, I am happy to be following your blog. Janet purchased an Atlas--coffee table sieze so I can understand the geography and physical nature about your travel. If you keep up your writing skills, you might be good enough to some earn a "free lift ticket" for your writing. Traveling for free--or sponsored is a great adventure... I will look forward to your narrative. I can't wait to learn how you finally got to Bolivia and regrouped after a broken bus ride to B.A.

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