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September 26th 2005
Published: October 1st 2005
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Lopez MendesLopez MendesLopez Mendes

..a peach of a beach!
Hoping for sun? We should be so lucky!! Arrived in Ihla Grande after a two hour bus journey and about an hour on a little ferry boat. As we approached the island, we hoped that the clouds hanging above the mountain tops would soon disperse. Unfortunately at day break, these materialised into another downpour.
Not to be put off, we hired kayaks and set off to a beach around the headland from the main port. This was good fun, and needed good balance to stop our lunch and me sliding into the drink! The beach was almost deserted, but we did notice a Robinson Crusoe type sitting on a swing hanging from a tree... chill out man!
We went for a swim after lunch then decided to head back as it was chilling off again. A few paddles in and the spots of rain appeared again!
Dinner was probably one of the best pizza´s we´ve ever had.. a Portugesa. (Not to be confused with a ladyboy from Portugal!)
The following day, we set off to Lopes Mendez beach on the other side of the Island. This is heralded as one of the best beaches in Brazil if not the world. After a 3 hour hike across hills and valleys of this mini rainforest we found the beach and it did look amazing. It was very windy and though so we did´t hang around. The possibilty of a Taxi boat home from another beach meant we had to rush off. Twenty minutes later, and no taxi boat insight, we were faced with the long walk home.
At least the two Aussie girls in our hostel (Alexa and Nicki) who we met on the ferry had had the decency to make a chocolate cake for when we got back! Only problem was , the weather had knocked out the power for the Island so the only shower available was freezing cold!
With no sun tan in sight, we decided to head back to Rio hoping for some sun.


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