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August 4th 2006
Published: August 4th 2006
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I knew it was eventually going to happen, it was only a matter of time.....

I went out with Guilherme last night to a reggae show and I invited my friend Maria along. It was just the three of us chatting away by the bar, but our view of the stage was at such an angle that it was blocked by the speakers. The show was supposed to start at 10pm and they were playing reggae music off a cd until the band would start, but 10 o´clock came and went and still no band. Everytime a new song would come on we would think... is this the band? is this the band? But upon investigation (ie. walking so we could see the stage) we would find that indeed, no, it wasn´t the band yet. Soon 11 o´clock came, and then 12 o´clock. I made a joke that the band advertised for their show to entise people to come and spend their money, but in fact there was no show at all, it was just a big scam to get peoples money. Luckly this wasn´t the case and soon after midnight the band started playing... and they were awesome! It was my first reggae experience (another first, ha!)

But this isn´t the reason for me writing this blog entry. Usually when I get home late at night there is no problem... they gave me a key for the front gate and front door and I usually enter quietly and go up to my room and go to sleep without anyone waking up. This time it wasn´t like that... I opened the gate and walked on in, but unlike my other late night entries, I heard a strange beeping noise. They had left the ALARM on. By the time I made it through the second door and was in the house, the alarm had gone off full tilt waking everyone in the house at 4 in the morning. Silvestre was running downstairs to turn off the alarm, Regina was on the telephone with the security company telling them everything was alright, Carolina was peeping out here bedroom door looking to see what´s going on, and Gustavo was helping his father downstairs. When I got upstairs, all the lights were on and I looked at Caro and said "well, I´m home." I was embarrassed.

But it wasn´t my fault. When I go out at night, they are not supposed to turn the alarm on so that I can get in whenever I want without any trouble. This time, I think Gustavo had set the alarm by accident even though we share a room and he knew that I was out that night. They also never gave me a key for the side door where the alarm actually is, so that I could turn it off, if they would only give me the access code to do so. Anyways, I slept in a bit (mainly because I didn´t want to see anyone in the morning) then took the bus to work at around 9:30.


4th August 2006

4am fiasco hey? Nice one. How did the hockey game viewing work out? Was it a compatible format? Not much new here - Ricky's home from Australia today and it's my bday on Sunday in case you need to Fed-Ex a card or something... I'd never say "no" to some nice Brazilian jewelry or whatever you deem appropriate. I won't turn 28 too many more times afterall!
5th August 2006

Another hilarious anecdote. Did they chuckle at your quip, "Well, I'm home"? Well written the - you recreate scene such that I share your embarrassment as I read it. Sorry, I'm reading an article now on the twofold nature of reading by J. Hillis Miller. First off, we create for ourselves an imaginative world from the words we read (hence our disputing of other interpretations, as when a book-based movie fails to live up to our idea of the story). The second part is to criticize, or reflect critically upon, the world that we create in our minds from the words that we read (thus, in the case of the movie example, to realize that the film just another, possibly more valid, interpretation). Luckily, for me, the second part of reading your evocative entry reminds me that it is not I who should feel embarrassed. When are you returning to Canada? If your in-person anecdotes are half as entertaining as your blogs, I will supply the first pitcher, provided you return before September 7. Cheers.
6th August 2006

Oh my god, that must have been SO embarrasing! I have to say it's pretty hilarious though! I just told Las to check this out! hehe

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