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July 30th 2006
Published: July 30th 2006
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the gang from workthe gang from workthe gang from work

Andre, maiane, João, Caro, Valesca, Fred, Ana Carolina, Rafael, Gustavo
Yesterday was Fred´s grand party. For the last 4 years, him and his girlfriend´s family have been putting on these cultural parties where everyone is to dress-up like they are from the country (plad shirt, straw hat, patched jeans), dance Forró and eat and drink lots of good food and beer/pinga.

I was helping Fred all day prepare for the party getting the drums and chairs and tables. His band was going to play so they rented a huge sound system. The party was great... a lot of friends from work came.

At the end of the bands first set Fred calls me up on stage. Again I was introduced as the special guest from Canada. We had planned to do a little joke for everyone. I said something short into the microphone thanking the host for the great party and Fred would translate what I said into something very long and exhausted and then I would say something long saying how great is has been living in Brasil... how welcome I feel and the great friends that I made and how I get to experience the culture etc... and he would translate "he says thanks."

Fred always
Fred and KenyaFred and KenyaFred and Kenya

wicked piano key tie!
changes whatever I say to someone when he translates for me... especially if it´s a girl he´ll mostly say "he thinks you are beautiful and he wants to go out with you sometime..." ah the power he holds!!!!

Then we broke into... "have you ever seen the rain" with me on lead vocals. Oh yeah, we even practiced it before hand. I got many compliments on my great voice (cough).

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you´re the man, cool guy
Rafael and meRafael and me
Rafael and me

he promised me that he´ll come to Canada next year, oh yes
Cynthia, me and KenyaCynthia, me and Kenya
Cynthia, me and Kenya

yet another Dan sandwich
João and RafaelJoão and Rafael
João and Rafael

João´s getting excited rolling a cigarette using corn fibre as a rolling paper

31st July 2006

brazil... (L)
Great to see ppl writing from my beautiful beloved home country!! Oh yeah... he power of tranlastion.. I love the ability of speaking more than one language.. and the lack of such from others! ehhehe Can be a LOT of fun! :p watch out though ;) take care
1st August 2006

Party it up
Hey dude! Brazil sounds like so much more fun than Canada! I'm glad you're having fun, and Im sure you're partying hard...don't forget, you'll actually have to do "real" work when you get back here..hehe. Anyway keep posting lots of's nice to see what you're up to!

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