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July 21st 2006
Published: July 23rd 2006
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Wicked CoolWicked CoolWicked Cool

My favorite picture of the night
Before this year I never really liked electronic music. I always thought it was kinda annoying (oon tis oon tis oon tis oon tis...). I was introduced to a local Emonton DJ, Luke Morrison, who plays house music. After listening to his cd´s and also downloading some of his promo music off his website ( I slowly gained an appreciation.

Carolina and I were driving to work one day and she pointed out a Paul Van Dyk poster. I had no idea who he was, but apparently the number 1 DJ in the world was coming to Belo Horizonte. Luis from work is a HUGE electronic music fan. Him and a friend flew to São Paulo to see Paul Van Dyk, they partyed all night then came back the next morning. I told him I was interested in going so he got me a ticket.

These shows start late and end early. Paul´s set wasn´t until 3am and lasted until almost 6am, but it´s worth it because the environment they creates is intense. The music is high energy and with all the people there it makes for a good time.

I thought it would never happen, especially coming from such a rock and country place like Alberta, but Electronic music has definitly grown on me.

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Clear pic of Paul Van DykClear pic of Paul Van Dyk
Clear pic of Paul Van Dyk

He promotes a drug free show by saying "There´s no E in Dyk"
smoke showsmoke show
smoke show

drowning in a sea of smoke

This guy came out of no where and befriended me, introducing me to all his friends saying if I need anything just ask, giving me his phone number etc... Just another example of how friendly Brasilians are

A cool shot of Paul Van Dyk

29th July 2006

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so, you´re a raver now. . . right?

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