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August 5th 2006
Published: August 5th 2006
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The day after... two words, my god. What the hell happened last night? Well, let me try to begin to explain...

Rafael invited me to Carna Brahma which is an axe music festival (axe is pronounced ashay and it is a type of music played in Brasil usually during carnaval). We met up with 12 of his friends and we all took a rented van to the event. When we arrived there everyone piled out of the van and the guys, including me, lined to take a leak at this bush. After draining ourselves, we made our way up the hill to where the concert was being held. About half way up, I realized that my camera was not on my belt anymore and I had no idea where it was... Kenya phoned the van guy and asked him to check if it had been left in the van, but no luck. Then I thought that when I was peeing maybe it slid off my belt when I unbuckled, so Rafael and I went back to look for it and nothing. This sence of helplessness came over me because there was nothing I could do, just forget about it and don´t let it ruin your night. "Take one for the team" as they say.

So onward!!! The concert was very cool, axe music is very happy and jumpy. The main performer was Chiclete com Banana and when he finished, there was another band that was playing on this semi-truck and they were driving around making circles in the crowd. Everyone is having a good time wearing identical tee-shirts they give you before the concert. I was doing my own thing and then I realized that my cell phone was missing from my pocket. Oh, no. Not my cell phone. How could this happen... a phone doesn´t just jump out of your pocket... I have no idea. I can only guess that I was a victim of pick-pocketing. So again, the sense of helplessness hits, I´m asking myself looking up to the clouds "why god, why me?" But what can I do, it´s gone. But now the problem is how do I get in contact with my friend who I´m supposed to meet after the concert to go home with? I wait at the designated spot to meet if we´re lost, but they don´t show up and everyone is leaving the venue. So I decide to start walking, and follow the crowd. I managed to get something to snack on, some kind of meat in a bun, and I begin to plan my next course of action. Just as I was mentally preparing myself to either sleep in the bushes or walk home, both insane ideas, Rafael and Kenya spot me with this concerned look on their faces.

In the end, I made it home safe, but short one digital camera and one borrowed cell phone and the only thing I have left is this story to tell. I´m accepting donations from anyone wanting to help me replace the cell phone.


5th August 2006

that´s balls
fuck dan, that blows. i would probably cry a bit when no one was looking. you should get a fanny pack. i´ll take plenty of pics on our excursion that i can email you.
6th August 2006

That sucks!
Oh nooooooooo...not your camera! Not the camera I borrowed a gazillion times to shoot all those candid 6th floor videos! Not the camera I was just thinking of buying myself! Damn...oh well. What can you do? Just try to get pictures off your friends...
6th August 2006

Think of it this way
Yes, it sucks to have lost these items; but think of it this way: fate had to be cruel to be kind, taking your valuables for this invaluable story to tell. As long as cell phones, cameras, Brasil, and losing things while drunk remain topical conversation pieces, you have one more entertaining (and edifying) to say.
7th August 2006

That's terrible news. I hope you saved some photos on a disc but with big memory, it's not likely. My purse and camera was stolen in Montreal - it bites. Cancel that cell phone fast so you don't wind upwith potentially $0000000 in long distance calls. I guess it is maybe back to the old kodak for a while. See you soon, Leanne

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