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January 31st 2009
Published: January 31st 2009
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In Jeri we ended up having a few days of sitting on the beach and nights of partying. Almost all ´cocktails'are made simply by adding a load of sugar to fruit and STRONG spirits, all over ice, and I´m sure one thing that we won´t forget is how to make a caiparinha, made using a sugar cane spirit (cachaça), sugar and lime, taught us by two Brazilian guys on holiday from Sao Paulo. This is the standard recipe yet can be made with many different fruits, including passion fruit (mixed with lime is fantastic) and the fruit of the cashew. Before leaving thye made sure we tried stingray, a local delicacy here, and insisted that should we visit Sao Paulo we have places to stay and they will show us around which was really nice of them. After the 5 nights that we spent there we had had our fill of Jericoacoara, it´s a very perfect place and doesn´t quite feel real, just a place for beautiful, and rather wealthy, people to relax and party. Also the fact that we were camping and once the sun rose it became unbearable hot, and getting into bed not before 3am at anytime (the party only really starts at 2am!), we were both feeling quite tired. We caught a night bus out of Jeri to the city of Fortaleza, and luckily only had to spend 1/2 an hour in the bus station before catching our next bus to Canoa Quebrada.

We arrived in Canoa early in the day and were taken to a hostel by the owner in his beach buggy, a room with beautiful beach views, a pool and breakfast, all for only $15! We were told that Canoa was dead and not much night life to be found, both looking forward to resting for a few days, however after arriving here we realised that it wasn´t quite as dead as people made out and having met a group of travellers from all over the world in our hostel ended up going out to a reggae bar on the beach. The beach here is just as nice as that in Jeri and the swimming is much better, partly because of an offshore reef sheltering the beach and the village has a much more real feel to it. Hopefully tomorrow we are going to try parasailing (being pulled by a jeep with a parachute attached to us) if the wind is okay, we tried today but it was too still and before we leave we are hoping to go for a trip on a sail boat typical to the north east coast of Brazil.


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