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August 26th 2006
Published: August 26th 2006
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Well today is my last day in paradise, that is my last day at the beach in Porto Seguro. Andrea and I had an awesome time here soaking up the sun. She left early (05:00) yesterday morning to Rio to catch her flight to Mexico City and left me to enjoy an extra two days here. Luckly we met a young German couple who were holidaying here until they go to Bolivia so I´ve been hanging out with them since Andrea left.

The tour company we came with, cvc, has been great. We did a city tour on monday followed by a visit to the north beach. This beach is heavily commercialized with bar after bar on the sand where you can enjoy a cold Capirinha before a dip in the ocean, but there are so many people trying to sell you stuff like jewlery or things to eat... it seems like every 30 seconds you are telling someone that you don´t want to buy anything.

Tuesday it rained all day, and by raining, I mean pouring! Our hotel room had a little leak in it and half the floor was covered in water. We didn´t leave the hotel all day, mostly sleeping and watching portuguese television.

Wednesday we went to this beautiful beach near Trancosa, a small town just south of Porto. This beach was amazing, less populated and the people who wanted to sell you things were really cool. We made a friend, Marcelo, who paints fake tatoos on people thanks to Andreas spanish. The surf was big and the sun hot, definitly worth the extra 35 reais to go there.

Thursday we went to a beach near Arrial de Ajuda. This was the best beach by far! Our tour bus was the only one there and you could see virgin beach as far as the eye could see. Behind the beach was a tall cliff of red sedimentary rock. One of the most beautiful places I´ve ever been.

Friday, after andrea left, I went snorkling at this reef called Recife de Flora. We took a 45 minute boat ride there and then jumped in the water and swam to the reef. It´s basically an island in the middle of the ocean with a pool in the middle where you can see all sorts of cool fish.

So, my relax time is almost over and I begin my journey home tomorrow morning at around 6. Come tuesday I´ll be back in Canada. See you all soon!!!!


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