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August 23rd 2006
Published: August 23rd 2006
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After taking the 7 hour bus from BH to Rio, I met Marcelo´s driver, Sergio, at the bus station. Yes, they have a driver... It´s pretty cool, he´ll take you anywhere, but the converstion was a little stale in the car, but that´s better than takig a taxi. Because Marcelo was working and busy with classes I got to hang out with his brother Felipe who just returned home from a 6 month stint in Europe where he was going to school in Spain and travelling around. I met Felipe for the first time and he´s a really cool guy. Where Marcelo is very talented in design and art and knows a lot of music, well, Felipe is the jock in the family.

The first night Felipe and I met up with some friends I was hanging out with my last time in Rio, Fred and Guilherme mainly. We went to the cool little jazz bar and drank chopp. The next morning at 08:30 Felipe, Sergio and I went to pick up my friend Andrea at the airport. Man, we waited and waited for her but she finally came out of the terminal. They had lost her guitar and she was stuck there waiting to see if it would show up but it never did (we did manage to get it the next day though thankfully). It was really great to see Andrea because it had been about 2 and a half years since I last seen her... she was on my CWY program, but we have kept in touch through phone and email. She travelled from Costa Rica where she was studying spanish and volunteering on some farms there.

Sergio took us to Impanema beach in Rio where we had a coconut water and walked around a bit and then we went to "Christ the Redeemer" Statue. This thing is huge, 30 meters high, and it overlooks the entire city. Quite the spectical! Caro tells me it´s one of the wonders of the world and it is definitely impressive, but just a statue.

That night we went out to a Kareokee (spelling?) bar and had so much fun. Of course I had to sing the classic "have you ever seen the rain" again with Fred. The highlight of the night was Fred and some other friends singing "Hey Jude" and him just given'er on the "Hey Judy Jude Ju Ju Ju Ju Ju....." part at the end. So much fun.

Saturday we went to the fish market again which was great. 10 of us ate about 5 kg of shrimp and we were there from noon to about 5pm. In the night we went to copacabana for a birthday party then it was off to Porto Seguro in the Morning. Stay tuned for my exciting airport story!!!


24th August 2006

I don't recall whether you were studying architectural engineering or civil eng, but anyways. I just saw pictures of a friend of mine who just returned from Brazil and visited Belo Horizonte. Some pretty cool architecture by world famous architect/designer Oscar Niemeyer, his buildings are simply amazing. Probably you've seen them already and else Well, I just thought I mention it becasue of the coincidence.

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