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January 4th 2008
Published: January 3rd 2008
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Ode leg faug um!Ode leg faug um!Ode leg faug um!

Our German Drinking song
Germany: 11-9
Canada: 10-2

All that food paid off, because we defeated Germany in our first game against them. We knew going in that they were our biggest competition! After the game, Everett, who had been coming up with all of our cheers and did for the entirity of the tournament, tought us a German drinking song he had learned when he was living there. We learned it in about 5 mintues IN GERMAN! I thought it was quite impressive and all the Germans recognized it and laughed at our accents. Haha.

It was fun to play against Canada. I had had several chats with a guy whose name I couldn't pronouce or remember, so I just called him Pepe. Turns out, he was the captain of the team!

After finding whatever food we could find, we all taxied to Foco Bear which was a HUGE buffet, bar, restaurant. Outdoors, indoors, live cover band, food eeeeeverywhere. We got there pretty early and I decided to leave pretty early with some of the US Open team, and found an after party...

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Shaking hands with CanadaShaking hands with Canada
Shaking hands with Canada

Pepe's the tall guy in the white shirt in the middle of the picture walking away.

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