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January 5th 2008
Published: January 3rd 2008
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Austria: 13-1
Scottland: 13-3
Switzerland: 8-6

Today we played Austria, Scottland and Switzerland and our cheers were as follows: We tried and tried to think of a Mozart song we could put words to, but we failed, so we did a Bach song and apologized for our short coming within the lyrics, haha. To Scottland, we started with a dramatization of Braveheart. "I heard William Wallace played for the Scotts", etc. Ha. To Switzerland, we did a Sound of Music Montage. Changed the words to "The Hills are alive, with the sound of Ultimate." "The stall count is 7 going on 8." and "How do you solve a problem like heat exhaustion?" Hehe. All fabulous cheers. We played the beers half burried in the sand again and Austria and the USA bonded over staying in the same hotel while Scottland introduced us to the but smacking quick reaction time game.

This was the night before we had to face Germany in the morning, so we all went out to Espoto! A restaurant of meat where you turn the dial on your table to green and armed with a plate, some tongs and a napkin, you go to town
Hotel Praia BonitaHotel Praia BonitaHotel Praia Bonita

Home to the Austrian and USA Mixed team :)
on as much as you can eat!

That night was the third night of parties at a dance club a few blocks in from the beach around Ponte Verde. When we arrived, the was standing outside of the club facing inwards. Finding Jeremy, I found out the club was trying to charge us all a cover charge, so, in rebellion, the Brazilians were teaching people the samba and showing off the local martial arts called Capauero. A sparring martial arts, there's no actual contact. You lead into the match with a cartwheel and through a series of handstands and sweeping leg kicks, it turns into more of a dance. After a while, stylized forms of the art were coming across including drunk and gay capauero. Me and some of the guys from the Peace Team jumped in to teach everyone the electric slide, even though we couldn't really remember any of the words to the song. Oh well, doesn't matter too much. Everyone was clapping and cheering along anyways. The tournament cameras soon showed up to capture the memories for the DVD and the club finally decided to let us in for free to dance the night away...

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The beach fieldsThe beach fields
The beach fields

There were 2 stadium fields and 3 fields out on the beach.

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