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January 6th 2008
Published: January 3rd 2008
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Ireland: 8-6
England: 13-3
Peace Team: 18-6

Our cheers were as follows: "Ireland, they smoke the pot of gold, if you know what I mean..." "God Save the Queen, a beer!" "Get on the PEACE TRAIN!" Xtehn and I came up with a fun game to play with 6 cans, a pinnapple and a blindfold. We had Great Britain all circle up and choose someone to be "the seeker". After this happened, Kenbrah and I took that person aside and blindfolded them while Xtehn explained the game to the people in the huddle. US team intermixed with them. The seeker was then led into the middle of the circle and spun a few times, then they had to get on their hands and knees and find the cans half burried in the sand. When they found one, they had to randomly point. Whoever they pointed at had to drink the can! Hhaha. Of course, this game came along with a lot of shouting "LEFT" "NO, GO BACK" "RIGHT HAND", because if they found the pinnapple before the cans, the US team had to drink all the cans. It went over really well. Then the Britains introduced us to a game. They took our captain, blindfolded him and put a series of people in front of him. With only his hands, he had to figure out who was standing in front of him. The finale was putting me and a Brit in front of him and he had to figure out which was US and which was the Brit. Haha.

We did the cans and pinnapple game for the Peace Team as well, but the seeker found the pinnapple after only finding one can, so as soon as they did, everyone in the circle laid out to get the cans to drink them, haha. The Peace Team then did a puppet show behind their flag explaining the game we were going to play. That's as far as the story goes on Oh man good times.

A bunch of us went to this shrimp place on the beach. Erol, Tom, Sunya, Grant and I. We got 4 platters for 2 people each and went to town. YUM. The party that night was somewhere down the beach in an outdoor restaurant, but we had no idea where, so we just started wondering on down the walk. We stopped to watch a futsol game. It's volleyball with no hands. These guys are so good. They use their heads, shoulders, chests, backs, knees and feet to recover from a head spike, set it to the other guy who then goes for the next spike or the clever drop shot. So fun to watch. Erol up and decided he could do that, so he walked down to pass back and forth on the side lines with the guys waiting to get in the game. He really impressed us all! We eventually left him with them to find the party and stumbled upon it. A neat place with tables and umbrellas right in the sand. There was music and all the teams were there. The theme was Luou, so Sunya and I went to the markets to buy some surongs. I was looking for a Brazillian flag to get people to sign and I wanted a surong that when I saw it, I thought BRAZIL! Wouldn't ya know it, they had Brazillian flag surongs! So I wore it to the party and had people sign it from then all the way through till I left the country. Everyone I met. It was pretty great. Email addresses, cat calls, phone numbers, inside jokes, etc.

I chatted with the US men's team for a bit and Sunya and Grant for ages, then one of the guy's on the men's team, Jeremy came over and chatted for more ages, some fireworks..., random house music and some more introductions later, I saw some of my team leaving for the hotel, so I jumped the bandwagon home for the night.

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