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January 3rd 2008
Published: January 3rd 2008
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Spain: 8-10
Brazil: 18-3

Spain beat us!!! It just might have been the best loss to ever have. We were getting so comfortable being 8 and 10 points ahead of teams, leading the entire game. The mental side of being behind was never challenged up to this point. It was just what we needed in case Germany came out stronger against us in the finals. By this point, we knew we had an automatic bye into the finals because the records of the other teams. Spain didn't have enough permanent residents/citizens of Spain to play in the semis, so Austria and Germany played the semi to meet us in the final as their third game of the day. With our bid to the finals, we were able to watch and support the women's team winning their semi, the masters getting their bye into the finals and the men, sadly, losing their semi to the Phillapeans. Great game though. Those Philapenos stole everyone's hearts!

Our game against Brazil was fun. Afterwards, they got us all in the middle of a giant circle and ran around us then attacked! There was singing and dancing galore!

After chilin' with Lucas while

Espana throwing Erol, the most handsome, in the air!
waiting for his sandwich at the vendors between the fields, I went back to the hotel to meet up with our team to go out to the Ponte Verde for trade night! Everyone shows up with their jerseys, shorts, t-shirts, hats and whatever else they want to trade. I traded a jersey for a portugal jersey and my red jersey for number 23 on Great Britain! 23 for 23, it was a good trade. Neither of us could trade right then because we were both playing in the finals the next day. I traded a cute shirt for a pretty cool belt too. From there, we taxied to drop off our newly aquired booty and continued on to Orocolo, a neat little bar inland that was open to the outside with a live band and an area to dance. At first, it was just me and Xtehn and we so thirsty for water, so we ventured out into the court yard of people out and about. Very Brazillian. Little restaurants with everyone just being. Just being outside. We found a little store and bought some bottles of water and tipped a street vendor with a rolling cart of fruit to keep our water so that we could leave the place were at for breaks and get some water.

Eventually, more frisbee people showed up including the Austrians, so we sat with them for a while till Xtehn came up with some excuse to leave their table from seeing how bored out of my mind I was. The US people rolled in about this time and the real party started! The US Masters team was having some interesting trades at trade night. They were trading actual items for ME and this guy Jose ended up winning, so him in his Santa outfit, hung out with me for a while calling me his "ho ho ho" :-P. A couple of Brazillian men tried to dance with me and I shrugged them off till one of them wouldn't let me not! He was such a good dancer! Didn't speak a word of English or Spanish and I didn't speak very much Portuguese, so we just danced...

After about an hour of this, I talked to some of the US guys and got Jeremy to cut in :-P. I guess I could only take so much Brazillianess. At about 3 in the morning, the US team was still trying to win the party, especially because one of the Germany team was still there and we were not going to be outdone by our opposition in the finals the night before. By 3:30 though, dog tired, we retreated in taxis and hit the hay.

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