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South America » Bolivia » Tarija Department » Tarija August 4th 2015

Distance driven today: 339 miles / 546 km Cumulative distance driven: 12,611 miles / 20,295 km Today’s trip: Uyuni to Tarija, Bolivia Enjoyed riding on paved roads all day: immensely Our plan for today was really simple: avoid any unpaved roads at any cost. Our experience from yesterday’s extremely difficult sand and dirt road had certainly dampened our spirits a bit, the least to say. It was therefore a very welcome surprise when an older Bolivian man approached our table during breakfast at the hotel and started asking us questions about our motorcycle and our trip. When he heard about our PanAmerican itinerary he immediately got excited. Turns out he had a similar motorcycle and he had ridden it all over South America, and perhaps more interestingly, he had shipped it to Europe and driven on ... read more
Bolivia license plate
The unfortunate truck
Camargo town center

South America » Bolivia » Tarija Department » Tarija October 1st 2013

Après un trajet pendant lequel nous n'avons pas fermé l’œil, nous arrivons à Tarija vers 04h30 pour enfin nous écrouler dans nos lits ! Notre première journée ici débute par la visite du minuscule mais néanmoins sympathique musée paléontologique, suivie d'un passage dans l'une des cathédrales de la ville. Le lendemain, nous partons pour la route des vins. Première étape à la bodega Kohlberg, la plus vieille de la ville (50 ans) où nous sont présentés les cuves ainsi que le processus de fabrication du vin, jusqu'à la mise en bouteille. Nous nous dirigeons ensuite vers la maison Kohlberg, domaine très charmant entouré de vignobles, où nous faisons une première dégustation de vin rouge, assez fort, accompagné de jambon et d'un fromage humide sans goût (difficile que nous sommes). Troisième visite dans une petite boutique aux ... read more
Musée paléonthologique

South America » Bolivia » Tarija Department » Tarija July 29th 2013

We managed to see Adela in hospital. She had something like 60 gall stones in a jar that the surgeon had removed and was proudly showing us. We spent some time with Walter and some in the hospital with Adela. The boys wandered around Tarija with 16 year old Brisa. In a small city they were the star attraction. The lady in the hotel told us that the girls in Tarija were going crazy for them. Joe said he’s enjoyed that kind of attention on this continent but is ready to be more “normal” now! Ben did more Ollies. Nady enjoyed being reunited with Cielo. We know Walter and Adela from the days when they were the pastors of the Anglican church in Cochababma. Nady and Cielo were best friends. After one more night in the ... read more

South America » Bolivia » Tarija Department » Tarija June 28th 2013

Potosi was cold! Outside in the sun it was good, but as soon as you went inside it was cold. I was wearing for nearly the whole time: Tea shirt, thermal long sleeved shirt, shirt, thermal jumper, jumper, thick leather jacket, thermal trousers and jeans. The first night I slept on my thermals and beanie. Andrea lead the retreat well and we had some good discussions and good time on our own thinking about what things we need to let go of and how to do so. I really enjoyed being with the Step Team who came to be with us from the lovely town of Tupiza just down the road. The Steppers are only a year older than Joe (2 years more than Ben) and they got on really well together. It reminds me of ... read more

South America » Bolivia » Tarija Department » Tarija October 1st 2012

Begin oktober zijn we aangekomen in Bolivia. Na Copacabana en La Paz hebben we Judith opgezocht in Tarija. Hier hebben we ruim een maand ons eigen paleis gehad en spaanse les gevolgd. Tarija was onze ideale uitvalsbasis voor onze trips naar Potosi, Sucre, Camargo en Salar de Uyuni. In Tarija hebben we een fantastische tijd gehad! Judith had voor ons een appartement geregeld bij haar op de patio. Echt een super plek om een maand te "wonen" als Tarijeense locals. Onze aankomst was meteen onvergetelijk! De kennismaking met Beto, Aldo en Vladimir (Vladi) zal ons altijd bijblijven en we zijn meteen opgenomen in Judith's vriendenkring. Hierdoor hebben we helemaal kunnen genieten van het locale leven in Tarija en voelden we ons meer "vrienden van" dan toeristen. In Tarija hadden we ook een beetje een normaal ritme: ... read more
Tarija 2
Tarija 3
Tarija 4

South America » Bolivia » Tarija Department » Tarija July 4th 2012

We were sad to leave Argentina, and even sadder when we arrived in Villazon, a Bolivian border town. The ride up to La Quiaca on theArgie side was spectacular, winding through multi coloured mountains, followed by a smooth, quick border crossing. Went to the first hotel we saw, opposite the bus station and got a room, which looked clean enough at a glance, but was without water, clean sheets and a seemingly endless loop of a brass band on the much publicised tv´s only channel. Set my watch off the large clock straight after crossing, knew there was a one hour difference, the clock was exactly an hour ahead. Walk around Villazon, relalise it´s a hell hole and we should just get the train first thing to Tupiza. Muy bien. Next day though Caroline felt a ... read more
View from Appt.
Night time over Tarija
Tarijan Clasico!

South America » Bolivia » Tarija Department » Tarija October 22nd 2011

We arrived in Tupiza at around 4am, with no map to hand we set off to find our hotel. Being told that it was a small town we were surprised by how big it actually seemed. After getting directions from another place owned by the hotel we finally got into our rooms and got a bit more sleep! After breakfast we spent most of the day by the pool, and in the evening went to a local parillia place for a big plate of meat! Next morning it was time for our horse riding adventure to begin. After sauntering to the stables we saddled up (or more believably were plonked on our horses) and set off to the canyons. After a trip down a steep hill, in which Charlene's horse would not do as it was ... read more
First Canyon
First Canyon
First Canyon

South America » Bolivia » Tarija Department » Tarija September 17th 2010

Hello everyone, in true tortoise fashion I stayed still for a bit so this is my entry about my time in Tarija, a beautiful city in the south of Bolivia, near to the Argentinian border and surrounded by vineyards. Also officially my favourite Bolivian city and made me finally love the country and its ways. My old colleague and friend from the Soil Association, Jeni, managed to find us a place to WWOOF (world-wide opportunities on organic farms) in Tarija. So she came across from Paraguay, and I came across from Tupiza, and we met in the middle. Jeni had already been at the place for a week so was all settled in to our 'home' by the time I arrived at 5am. A brief explanation of what we were actually doing is working for a ... read more
British Countryside in Bolivia
The garden we created
The boss and Jeni

South America » Bolivia » Tarija Department » Tarija August 8th 2010

When we left for Tarija, my cousin joked that his brother would head to the airport when he saw the plane flying over the town...well it was no joke..he did wait to see the plane before heading over to pick us up. Tarija is a small town..with two plazas and a handful of restaurants that served good Argentinean beef. It was small but in a nice, safe way. The first couple of days there, we had great weather. Sunny, warm days that we spend driving around the little towns around Tarija and enjoying the beautiful landscapes. Everything changed when the southern winds picked up. The icy, cold Patagonia winds arrived and continued for the days to come. We tried to continue with our plans, which were to spend a whole week there but the winds were ... read more
Tarija landscape
La Angostura
bike rentals

South America » Bolivia » Tarija Department » Tarija May 18th 2010

Une fois installes, on profite des lieux splendides qu il y a dans la region de Tarija : Coimata , St Lorenzo, San Andreas....surtout des lieux de baignades pour les journees ensoleillees ideales pour un petit barbecue. On vous embrasse fort! ... read more
arrivee a Coimata

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