Santa Cruz & Sucre

Published: April 10th 2008
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Santa Cruz after a long and bumpy overnight train in which the Aussie found another thing to argue about and keeps on slagging off the guide!

We arrived in Santa Cruz Bolivia´s second largest city, I wondered around to the square and was greated by a large protest, something about people´s rights and all the post offices are closed throughout Bolivia, but gunshots were being fired into the air and we decided to head for lunch which turned out to be a sample of the best food I have had since arriving in S. America.

Nothing much to see in Santa Cruz so was only there for a night and took a short plane ride to Sucre, which is high. The altitude hadn´t yet affected me, but in the afternoon we walked up a hill and all of us were short of breath struggling to reach to top of the hill, but we did find a cafe which we spent a couple of hours at and I have taken more photos here than in Brazil.

The next day Ben and I headed down to the main square to see a protest by the time we arrived the crowds we chanting and the people seemed both aggresive yet the square was surrounded by stalls selling ice cream and the women with their children would sit on the curve of the pavement eating the tuck! We both got caught in the protest and took pictures without being hassled for money, we followed the protest for about an hour and suddenly the military police were redirecting traffic onto the streets so the crowds parted and within ten minutes it was as if nothing had happen. Still don´t understand what the protest was about but the FCO are advising travellers to stay away from the Santa Cruz area as their is a protest taking place on the 4th of May.

Heading to Potosi tommorow really intrigued to see the working mines yet the group seem slightly scared about going into the mines.


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