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April 10th 2008
Published: April 10th 2008
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After another long bus ride we arrived in Bonito a sleepy town, that has a low crime rate the last crime was two motnhs ago when a chicken went missing?

Bonito is the best place in the world to snorkle in crystal clear waters, we spent about an hour drifting down the river looking at nothing more than fish! Nothing much happened in Bonito but I have some good pictures.

We took a bus ride to the Pantanal which offers the egological tourist a variety of wildlife nothing of which I was much interested in however for the two nights we slept in hammocks and got bitten to the extreme not only by mosquitos but also by termites which is a more painfull bite than a wasp string.

We went on a safari truck thing to see howler monkeys and other local creatures including a rat rodent thing that was enormous and one of the group members ate one the night before. However the most random and possibly the highlight of the Pantanal was Pirranah fishing with stick of bamboo and a hook with a slice of beef tied to the end, I took the record catch of four however one slipped away and the other one got thrown back into the water.

That night we went back to the farm to eat the Pirranah´s caught nothing much to them but bones and not much taste as these ones had been deep fries and covered in a thick layer of batter.

Left the Pantanal for the Bolivian border to catch an over night train into Santa Cruz.


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