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December 2nd 2008
Published: December 2nd 2008
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Hi folks, it had to happen, I am now getting ready to add some of the photos of our trip, these first ones are some of the things we saw in Lapaz. I will start to load some of the best for those who are interested.

With 2000 mplus photos just of my own, Ruth has more plus hours of video I have alot to choose from and thenthere are the Wilson's photos.

Additional photos below
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Meat marketMeat market
Meat market

Cow lips anyone?

Stunning colours

The white ones are dried on the banks of a river over winter. I gather they have to be boiled well before eating - tasted OK
Meat MarketMeat Market
Meat Market

Llama penis anyone
witches marketwitches market
witches market

Dried fetuses
Witches marketWitches market
Witches market

more dried fetuses
witches marketwitches market
witches market

animal parts of many descriptions
witches marketwitches market
witches market

offerings to paccha mama
San francisco catherdralSan francisco catherdral
San francisco catherdral

This lady was begging all the good christians for donations, I gave her some

View from the hotel

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