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June 1st 2012
Published: June 1st 2012
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Well we are back again - we leed a tough life - Clare is lying in her bed - feeling dirty (but more on that later) and I am resurrecting the blog. Well we got here early this morning, I think we got here at 5 to the hotel - it was a bit of a blur. We took a half of a little blue tablet each (zopiclone) and then slept till 12!

Now you want to know why Clare is feeling dirty - well despite what you are all thinking - it is lost luggage. Well technically it is not lost it went ahead of us - to Iguazu (we wont be there for a week or two), and we went to Sao Luis. We got to Sao Paulo - got our luggage and was able to directly transfer it to the next flight - excellent as we thought we would have to hold it till the flight opened in 4 hours or so - but no they took it - wonderful. Clare's bag was the last one off in Sao Paulo, mine was one of the first. In Sao Luis mine was one of the first and hers was first as well - but in Iguazu! That was a challenge for our portuguese and their English, but luckily Klaus was there to help - our guide for the next week. Her luggage should be here this afternoon which will be good.

So what do we think of Sao Luis - firstly it is not pronounced the french way - they seemed confused when I say Sao Luis with a silent "s" - school boy french - and instead it is Sao Luis with a "s" - I thought my trained Portuguese speaker - my wife - would have known that but no.

The guides here said we did not need three days here - they are right, really the only place to go is the old town which does not actually take long to do, it is the only safe spot to be as well. Lots of old buildings and churches but most are looking pretty jaded. We have been told where the best place is for lunch which providing the Rowes are awake by 12 ish we will take them there, and we have also been told a good place for dinner. Ineterestingly there is a photo of the lunch restaraunt on brochures - it must have been with a very wide lens as it is below one of the squares here, just a road away from the wall - hard to describe really but the brocures show the entire front of the restaraunt - they must have been hard up against the wall. The dinner place was pretty emtpy when we were there but apparanetly at night it is humming, so providing we can stay up late then we will have a look.

It is hot, and thank god the room has AC, it may be noisy but it is avery happy noise.

Well that will do me for the start of the blog, hopefully it will get more interesting than today's entry.

Hope all is well at home and Alan is adjusting to Greta and Gimli wanting attention.


CRIP (Not PRIC) - sadly missing the TS or previous trips - CRIPTS

Even with the little Rowes joing us the is no more vowels - what can I come up with when we add a LSH to it - CLIRSHP but how the hell do you pronounce that! Maybe someone else can think of a better version.

Photos will follow and maybe a spell checker as well!


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