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July 20th 2007
Published: July 20th 2007
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Well, after a very long and tireing 24 hours (it actually hasn´t even been 24 hours) we are finally in La Paz, Bolivia, me with the only clothes that I have on my back. But let me just give you what our past 24 hours has been like. We started yesterday off by going to a park in Santiago, thinking that there was a tour at 11am, but Frommer´s was wrong, the tour is actually at 10am, so that was kind of a bummer. But we ended up walking around the park still which is really pretty. So after that we go looking for a movie theater to see the new Harry Potter movie, because we had awhile to waste, and I wanted to see it also. So after the movie we hit the post office and then check our email. After that, we go to the front desk of our hotel to get our bags that we left with them to watch for us for the day. Well as I´m sure you read in the previous blog that my bag wasn´t there. I waited paciently for the front desk clerk to finish helping the other people that were there first and then we had a little chat. She kept on saying that she didn´t know where it was, and I kept on asking does anyone else. I must say that while I felt like I was having a geart attack I was acting very calm and my Spanish was rather good. But finally she went and asked other people, one of them who I´m assuming is the owner or manager came and talked to me. After a long discussion of what happend to my bag she finally came up with that the people who left earlier must have taken it with their bags that were right next to mine and Keira´s. With this I accused the hotel of not being safe because no one was watching the bags like they should have been. She of course said someone was but wouldn´t tell me who. But to make a long story shorter, in the end she told me to write a list of everything that I had in there and write up a bill for it. Which may not have been so bad, but I had my retainers in there. She didn´t give me all that I had written down but still gave me a good amount. But we are in La Paz today and sadly all the stores are closed today, so we will have to go shopping tomorrow.
But this morning, after a sleepless night, we finally arrived in La Paz about an hour late, which hopefully explains why there weren´t any taxis at the airport. But I´m actually happy that there weren´t any because Keira and I met a guy who hooked us up with a five star hotel for $40 US a night!! We decided we could splurge a little. So we are here now, not really believing that this has happened, but hey what goes around comes around. But then why did my bag get stolen?? Oh wait, nothing bad has happened to me yet, so it had to be big! But we have the necessities, passports, camera, money, and each other. So all in all it was just another adventure, right?
Well we are going to go lay in our lovely room!! Talk to you all later!!
Love Lindsay and Keira


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