There Was Blood and a Single Gun Shot! But Just Who Shot Who?!

Published: March 8th 2014
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*Spoiler alert* No there wasn’t.

If you know me, you understand that I can’t get past the Barry Manilow song when I hear Copacabana. Two years ago when I was in Rio de Janeiro, this was my blog My Name is Lola, I was a Showgirl..... It became the favorite blog title so far. When I planned this trip and found that I was going to be staying in Copacabana again, D MJ Binkley were keen to find out what my blog title would be. It was a hard call. All I can say is I continue to walk around singing the darn song, but hey, when at the Copa…..

Our tour bus left La Paz at 7:00. Happily I found out that it was my guide Sylvia from the previous tour. Traffic was a bit heavy as we headed up and through El Alto City. Today was the 27th anniversary of the City, so people were off work and getting ready for a parade. Once we left the city, we started to see beautiful snow covered mountains in the distance. I did take some pictures, but getting a good shot from a moving bus is not the easiest thing. After several hours, we stopped at a viewpoint for some shots of the deep blue Lake Titicaca. As in Peru, the clouds hug the land and surround the lake. I feel as if I am so high up that the clouds are closer to me than they are at home. It is probably silly, but it makes me feel good. There is something special about fluffy, white clouds changing shape and color as they float across the sky. We made a quick stop at the Kon Tiki Museum. To be honest, I couldn’t get a lot out of the museum because it was in Spanish and I haven’t had a reliable internet connection to do some research, but this is what I gleaned. There was a reed boat called Ra 2 that sailed across the ocean, I think from Africa, but again I can’t guarantee this. There have been several expeditions, but the man in charge of the Imara crew (again, this could be spelled wrong) was Bolivian and although he is quite old, he continues to work at the museum. There were newspaper articles and many photos of the boat, the crew, and of course this gentleman. I bought a small reed boat and he offered to sign the paddle. Once again, this may sound hokey, but it was actually pretty interesting. I also ended up buying an alpaca sweater that I think is beautiful.

After about 4 hours or so we headed down the mountains into Copacabana. The town is quite small, but in the high season is packed with tourists. Today it was fairly empty of tourists, but filled with locals getting ready for a Carnival parade and festival. Apparently in the cities, Carnival just ended, but in the small towns it is just starting. More about that later. First, I want to talk about meeting taracloud again. She had come in on a shared touristic bus from Puno this morning and was sitting on the patio reading when I arrived. It was as if we had just seen each other last month instead of a full year. Since I knew we were going to meet, I offered to bring some supplies that she was not able to get here in South America. It was like Christmas for her and made me so happy to have been able to help. Travel Bloggers are a special community. I know that it says on the top of the website that it is the world’s friendliest travel site, but the fact that I have met some incredible people, now friends, and talk with so many online is a true gift.

After Tara and I caught up, we went for lunch in the hotel restaurant. I still wasn’t feeling up to eating much, so had a wonderful chicken and rice soup while Tara had a delicious bacon wrapped chicken breast. I think we both enjoyed sitting and talking almost as much as the food. After lunch I went back to my room to savor the incredible view, hum some more Barry Manilow and rest. By now, however, I was pretty done with that song. I didn’t care about Rico and his diamond, I didn’t care that Tony always tended bar, but it was implanted in my head and I couldn’t get it out no matter what I tried. And honestly, aren’t you humming or singing it right now? I would wager that you are.

Sylvia met me in the lobby and we went for a quick walk around the town. As you can see from the pictures, it is a dusty, gritty town hugging Lake Titicaca. I mentioned earlier that many of the residents were out getting ready to Carnival. We stood in the shade and watched bands play and people in beautiful, elaborate outfits dance. It was something special to watch. As I said, there weren’t that many tourists in town, so I felt as if I was getting to see something that not everyone has a chance to see. I will post some pictures of the bands and dancers. After watching that for a while, we visited the Basilica and saw where the blessing of the cars takes place. All in all it was a very fun afternoon. As we walked back to the hotel I could still hear the bands playing. Mr. Altitude seems to be getting bored with me, so I am feeling much better. I told you I was going to kick his butt back to the ozone. After a light dinner, I went back to my room to pack a few things for an overnight tour to Sun Island. More to come on that in the next blog.

Additional photos below
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Another Typical BuildingAnother Typical Building
Another Typical Building

So many have no windows.
Reed BoatReed Boat
Reed Boat

Lake Titicaca
Barge to Cross the LakeBarge to Cross the Lake
Barge to Cross the Lake

This is the narrowest point, so cars and buses are loaded on the barges and taken across.
View From My RoomView From My Room
View From My Room

How relaxing is this??
Tara Reading on the PatioTara Reading on the Patio
Tara Reading on the Patio

Thanks to my zoom, she did not know I was taking this picture. I thought it came out nice.

8th March 2014
View from My Room 2

Hey Santa Claus!
Brendan, it was so good to see you again--really, it doesn't feel like a year. And wow--such goodies you brought--it was a fab Christmas in March. My old computer died the morning you brought my new one--just in the nick of time! So glad you got to see the Aymara dancers in town and are feeling better. Have fun walking across the Isla del Sol!
8th March 2014
View from My Room 2

Looking forward to seeing you in La Paz too
When you said that your old computer had died, it showed me how it was meant to be that I was able to bring your new one. I hope you are loving it. I had a great time on Sun Island. The weather was incredible and views were beyond compare.
8th March 2014

I hope we meet Taracloud in Peru, too...
we will be staying in the Mosoq Hotel in Puno the evenings of 5 and 6 May. By then you will probably be back in San Francisco, where I hope our paths will cross some day. I agree with you that Travelblog is a wonderful friendly community.
8th March 2014

You will love Lake Titicaca
I hope you get a chance to meet Tara. Like so many of us travelers, she is fun, open to adventure and can talk on so many different topics. If you find yourself heading to CA, please give a shout. I would love to meet you. And thank you for your nice comments. I really appreciate them.
8th March 2014

And we can hear you singing Lola!
You know you are a world traveler when you get back for the 2nd time to hang out with Tara. Oh yes, just heading down to South America for a few days to catch up with an old friend. I love it. Beautiful Lake Titicaca, the dancing, puffy clouds and snow topped mountains. Ah, joyful. Longing for some food photos. (we are sitting in the Dayton airport, next Chicago, then on to Dublin)
8th March 2014

Take your hands off your ears, I am done singing
Food shots will be coming. I haven't been eating much, so haven't taken any. I agree, it is joy being down here. Meeting Tara again is just an unexpected bonus. We are planning a couple day excursions when I return from Uyuni. Will have some pics of the two of us then. Safe travels and have a wonderful time!
9th March 2014

L-O-L-A, Lola!
Thanks for the Copacabana ear worm Brendan! But thank goodness (I think) by the time I'd finished reading the blog I was signing Lola by the Kinks... mind you 'music and passion were always in fashion, at the copaaaaa' is not much worse than 'Lola L-O-L-A Lola lo-lo-lo-lo Lola' :) Glad to hear you are feeling better x
9th March 2014

You Just Made Me Laugh
Oh man, when I read your comment I burst out laughing. I am glad you took Lola and made her your own. And yes, I am singing that version too. Can't wait to start reading your blogs.
9th March 2014

I want Lola and you give me Barry Manilow?
Glad you hooked up with TaraCloud and provided Christmas for her. The lake makes me think of the reed islands and MJ's burnt face (exquisitely painful). Keep the blogs coming..... Best, Dave
11th March 2014

Lola wanted too much in royalties
I am glad I met up with Tara too. We are going to spend a couple days in La Paz soon. Luckily I didn't get a bad sunburn. Hope you two are having a great time in Ireland.
10th March 2014

This is the blog I've been waiting for...your reunion with Tara. Fantastic you could bless her with a new computer and a lovely lunch. Fantastic your next meeting will be longer...hoping for cummulus.
12th March 2014

Day trip with Tara all set
I am so happy that Tara and I were able to meet. Since I was already coming down it was a snap to bring some stuff for her. It's just what friends do. Thanks for following my trip.
20th March 2014

loving it!
Thanks for taking us along BV but how do I get that damn song to stop playing in my head now?
5th May 2014

Papá Noel
And doesn't it just feel so normal to meet up with TB family members in (insert_random_country_of_choice)? :-)
5th May 2014

Just like seeing family
It is a wonderful feeling. I hope to meet more of my Travel Blog friends through the years.

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