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Published: March 4th 2009
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The Isla del Sol, an island in the middle of Lake Titicaca, on the Bolivian side, is a popular tourist spot. I have met many travelers who recommended going there to see the sunsets. There is a lot more to this island than glorious setting suns. The island is already setting itself up to gain from tourism, so go quick before it becomes another trap! Luck was with me once I landed and got to the... Read Full Entry

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This view reminds me of the Devon coastal paths, up and down with steep inclines and every time you crest a hill you think ´this is the top´but no...
Near Sacred StoneNear Sacred Stone
Near Sacred Stone

Three hours later, approaching site
Sacred PlaceSacred Place
Sacred Place

For over ten thousand years people have come here to celebrate the energy of this place

Apparently there is a shape of a cat in this yellow bedrock. Manuel took this photo, Ty said he could see the cat....Lizzy and I could not.

This settlement was based on seed and food production

Walking amongst these stone ruins and hearing the lake waves lapping on the beach, it was easy to understand why this spot was chosen to be sacred for life

Can you imagine a quiet harbour village here, ten thousand years ago?

Since we started off late, we didn´t have much time in the settlement ruins as we would have liked. Lunch and the boat back was waiting within the hour

Sometimes the path was difficult to tread because it was carved from the bedrock. Sand on the rock made it very slippery
North PortNorth Port
North Port

Back view as we head towards North Port for lunch and boat. I wonder if you can see the inclinations of the path?

A few more hills and tricky paths and we are almost at the harbour restaurant. It is at these times that you wonder if you can really make it all of the way
Boat BackBoat Back
Boat Back

On our way back to SouthPort we passed a local boat

Hmmmm, these photos never really seem to capture all of reality. My face was really sunburnt after that day, but yes, I´d do it all over in a flash

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