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October 29th 2008
Published: October 29th 2008
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The mountians
Well where to begin...

Friday at 1am we hopped on a 4 hour bus ride to Bs. As. from there we got a plane for about 3 hours to the island of Tierra del Fuego. Here we stayed in the city of Ushuaia, known as the city at the end of the world because it is the furthest south.
We stayed in a hotel that was pretty nice...nothing overly fancy but certainly comfortable! Our first day there was very relaxed, ate lunch, did some shopping and had dinner and slept. The fresh air was a nice change from Rosario's pollution! And there were BEAUTIFUL mountains every direction you looked. It was amazing...I certainly have never seen anything like it. Some people said it reminded them of colorado, only better. I've never been to colorado but i believe it! It was pretty chilly maybe around 30-40 or so inland...not too bad. Maxi lent me his winter coat and hat so that i wouldn't freeze seeing as I didn't bring anything like that with me for spacial reasons. That day Sarah and I used our free time to wander through this little park forest thing. It was quick and short but fun.

this is the park we wandered through
We also went for a tour around the historic prison (obviously not active anymore). It was where they sent the worst prisioners back in the day because it was so cold and they were stuck on the island.
The next day we all got up WAY too early and headed out for the national park. There we took a bus around the end of the world and then hiked through the park (nothing too intense) and just enjoyed the views of all the beautiful mountains and bodies of water.
After the park we had a late lunch and I was feeling pretty sick so I laid down and other people had free time to wander the city and such until dinner.
After dinner we took a boat ride through the beagle canal. It was quite chilly but very nice and relaxing. We got to see some wildlife (I believe they are blue-eyed shags and sea lions). It gave us some more beautiful views of those glorious mountains too!
The next morning we packed up and headed out for Calafate!

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me being cool

me being crazy and sitting in a pile of sticks

more beautiful mountains

dinner time

i believe this is a volcano "tierra del fuego" means "land of fire"

me and the girls in the national park

the national park

on the boat

los animales

14th November 2008

You are sooo cool!
You are totally cool. We miss you! Ruth is always telling me that she misses her cousins!

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