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October 29th 2008
Published: October 29th 2008
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The view from our hotel room...its through the window, thats why the quality it bad
So before coming back from our adventure to the end of the world we stopped in Calafate. It is a BEAUTIFUL city with of course more fresh air and wonderfulness. We stayed in an AMAZING hotel...easily the nicest i've ever been in. The beds were sooo comfortable and there was just amazing showers (you'd be suprised how rare that is in a hotel) and the view was just perfect because it is on a mountain...kinda....by itself...it's hard to explain.
So our first day there we relaxed and then headed into town (about 10min in bus) for dinner at a pizza place. That night was pretty chill everyone just hanging out and relaxing.
The next day we woke up and had AMAZING breakfast at the hotel and then headed out to the National park there...to see one of the most amazing things i've ever seeen in my life............A HUGE GLACIER!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I don't know all the stats. exactly but it was something like 200 feet tall above the water only and it goes below the water to the bottom of the river! AND it's like 2 miles long along the river....it was absolutly amazing. There are chunks that fall off of it periodically

on our way to the park we stopped....
and it is loud and crazy and wow but they say that it's gaining space too so its not actually going to completely fall apart even though at times it sounds like it is! We took a boat to one end of it and on the other end they have board walks kinda set up for you to walk along side of it. The glacier is called "perito moreno". This was an all day adventure and after that we just had dinner and chilled around the hotel. The next morning we hopped on plane and came back here to Rosario :-)
It was an amazing trip full of things i've never seen before and will likely never see again. The Creator has made such a beautiful world and seeing places like this just makes me want to fight more to preserve it.

Additional photos below
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some horses being rallied by a gaucho (he's not in the pic)

Thats the glacier behind me

The Flag

I wish pictures could do this justice


Thats me and a glacier

Brett and Scott by the glacier........

I fideled with my coloring...bad idea...i'll have to fix these in photo shop...

This is our hotel from the street...well about 3/4 of the way to the street.

30th October 2008

very cool
wow, that looks like so much fun, it reminds me so much of South Africa (another end of the world) but the pictures DO NOT show how amazing it is. I'm glad your experiencing life. Hope to hear from ya soon

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