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December 5th 2005
Published: December 6th 2005
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Carlos Pellegrini, Argentina
Just some pics of my night camping at Colonia Carlos Pellegrini. Arrived at sunset to set up camp by the lagoon. I had the whole place to myself, so it was lovely and quiet.... The weather was fantastic - about 27C and a light breeze. Took some time to chill out and take some photos before it got dark. I was expecting a barrage of mosquitos and other creepy crawlies at dusk, but they didn´t eventuate (quite disappointed really, after all of those injections and antibiotics). Had a semi-decent night´s sleep after so may bus rides, and woke up pretty early because my tent was warming up in the sun. I popped my ead out of the tent to see what the weather was like, and nearly fell over when I saw a wild capybara just a matter of meters from my tent! This was one of the moments I came to South America for, so I was very excited...
Spent the following day wandering along the lagoon and along some of the information trails nearby. I was going to take a quick dip in the water, but I didn´t have the nerve. Turns out the lagoon is full of caiman
not sure why this is herenot sure why this is herenot sure why this is here

Carlos Pellegrini, Argentina
(small crocodiles), so probably a good thing I didn´t!
Saw plenty of weed plants - all of the ponds, rivers and lagoons are full of salvinia, water hyacinth and the ubiquitous water lettuce (horrible, horrible stuff!). At least the capybaras will eat it - I propose a trial of capybara imports for the purpose of weed control (I swear I won´t take one home!!!).

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can´t get a better spotcan´t get a better spot
can´t get a better spot

Carlos Pellegrini, Argentina
last bit of sunlightlast bit of sunlight
last bit of sunlight

Carlos Pellegrini, Argentina
good morning capybara!good morning capybara!
good morning capybara!

just outside my tent, Carlos Pellegrini
parasitic ferny type plantparasitic ferny type plant
parasitic ferny type plant

Carlos Pellegrini, Argentina
proper sunsetproper sunset
proper sunset

Carlos Pellegrini, Argentina
another sunset picanother sunset pic
another sunset pic

Carlos Pellegrini, Argentina
last sunset piclast sunset pic
last sunset pic

Carlos Pellegrini, Argentina
yes, I´m still alive (albeit grotty)yes, I´m still alive (albeit grotty)
yes, I´m still alive (albeit grotty)

Carlos Pellegrini, Argentina

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