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December 24th 2009
Published: December 26th 2009
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Su SpidoSu SpidoSu Spido

Day 6

Our driver from yesterday has agreed to take us out to the famous Glacier Moreno. The drive takes about an hour and is well worth it. The paved highway is only 1 1/2 years old and was previously a gravel road. I thank God for the paved road because it is windy enough and with my tendency of motion sickness, I do not need any encouragement to become ill. The driver is well informed of all the local history and is our own private tour guide. He stops at all of the best photo opts and even waits for us while we walk around and take in the scenery. Junior and the driver were conversing in Spanish and kept saying "Su Spido" (sp??) (sounds like speedo) so naturally we laughed and made fun of their Speedos. Rene the driver then explained to us that the next turn in the road was called "Su Spido" (deep breath or gasp). As we rounded the corner we realized why. All 3 of us collectively gasped as the Glacier came into view. Amazing.

Our first major stop was at the glacier itself where there are well maintained walkways and stairs to provide all of the angles to view the Glacier Moreno. Warren, Junior, and I spent two hours criss crossing the pathways and watching the glacier for falling chucks of ice. We were in luck a few times and watched large chucks of ice break free and cascade down the tower of ice into the lake, producing huge waves of freezing water. It cannot truly be described in words. It was awe inspiring. People literally stopped talking or making any sounds while watching this event.

Following the walkways, we boarded a 100 ft. boat to get a different perspective of the ice. The wind was howling and the water filled with white caps. As I boarded the boat, I prayed I would not get sea sick. I figured that even if I did get sick, it was worth it.
The wall of ice towered over the boat. It was crazy! The blue hues produces by the varying densities of the ice was better than any crayola box of crayons. Pictures cannot do this majestic beauty justice!

How do I go on about the rest of the day after the climax of the glacier?
It is Christmas
Moreno Glacier North FaceMoreno Glacier North FaceMoreno Glacier North Face

Damn, we are cute!..... and the glacier is CRAZY!!!
Ever after all. We dropped Junior off at the hotel and headed for the quaint downtown. We shopped around and had a few drinks to warm our bones. We had been invited to Christmas eve dinner by Warren's boss' and eventually ended up at Casimiro Bigua for dinner. Junior also met back up with us there were a total of 9 for dinner.
Christmas ever dinner was great and filled with wine, good food, and wonderful company. A short stroll back to the hotel completed the evening.

Tomorrow we are off to Ushuaia and Punta Arenas.

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North face and Tierra Moreno (aka Grinch mountain)North face and Tierra Moreno (aka Grinch mountain)
North face and Tierra Moreno (aka Grinch mountain)

Does that not look like the home of the "Grinch"???

28th December 2009

Warren and Amber ... I'm loving your daily blogs! Keep them up! I'm living vicariously through you two since Omaha seems to be my only vacation destination!

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