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South America » Argentina » San Luis » San Luis August 9th 2015

Distance driven last two days: 426 miles / 686 km Cumulative distance driven: 13,933 miles / 22,423 km Last two days’ trip: Cordoba (via San Luis) to Mendoza, Argentina We have decided to slow down the pace a bit, until we get to Mendoza. Both Zoe and I still feel a bit mentally and physically tired after too many early mornings, late afternoon and evening rides, and several time zone shift recently. We are therefore covering the distance between Cordoba and Mendoza, which is 680km / 422 miles, in two days. That way we can sleep in, make longer rest and lunch stops, and arrive at our next destination for the day while there is still daylight. Though there are several smaller and rural roads we could take to get from Cordoba to Mendoza, we chose ... read more
Arriving at San Luis
Entrance to the town of Rio Cuarto
Ruta 7 to San Luis is totally empty

South America » Argentina » San Luis » San Luis June 12th 2011

Yeah, sorry guys it was radio silence for a while there... When you´re a teacher, time flies by- sometimes because you having fun, and other times because you´ve just blacked out again trying to think of original ideas for classes. Another month has passed in this mad town and I have another month of awesome memories to share. Problem being, so much has happened this month I can´t for the life of me think of how to start this blog entry. Some of the stories are also probably too sensitive to stick up on a public blog I know people here read. So what I´ve decided to do is put tons of photos onto one entry just to give you a brief idea of the stuff I´ve been getting up to. So enjoy, and sorry for ... read more
recieving good old-fashioned zero anesthetic field surgery
These people aren´t great drivers...

South America » Argentina » San Luis » San Luis May 7th 2011

"God is energy" says the woman opposite me. Her eyes widen. I don´t know whether she´s being comically dramatic or whether, if I let out a little puff of chuckle, she´ll break my skull on the fish paste bowl in front of me. Either way, I smile and nod. I am sitting in the dining room of Marcello´s mother´s house. Next to me is Marcello´s brother, who speaks near perfect English. I kind of want to ask him what´s going on, and whether I´m about to be killed and eaten. But he´s listening, straight-faced, to his mother. I slowly and discreetly move my hand towards my fork in case she strikes. Eating with us, we have Luisina (the femaley-half of the dynamic duo who have taken me into their abode), Marcello´s grandmother; a 95-year old wit ... read more
Macello and Luisina
San Luis is... really dusty.
No, thank you guys. Thank YOU.

South America » Argentina » San Luis » San Luis April 27th 2011

The most frustrating thing that can happen to a writer of blogs is most likely an ambiguous black button on your camera that, when lightly pressed, deletes all of your hard work, pausing only to spurt out a provocative little "thank you" before it switches itself off. Regardless of the lack of decent photos, I think it´s been an interesting couple of weeks. A little surreal in places, but all in all, interesting. First of all, a little background; unfortunately, Nahuel is currently going through a custody battle with Tiao´s biological mother, which has resulted in an investigation by social services into how Tiao lives with Nahuel and Silvana. I can atteste to knowing that Tiao lives well, in a loving, secure family environment- but social services obviously doesn´t know this. Before this development, I was ... read more
My new home.
Stop looking so moody!
Con mi amigas!

South America » Argentina » San Luis » San Luis April 7th 2011

"ARGGGHHHH!" I´m running barefooted, as quickly as I can, down a largely deserted street in the provincial border town of La Punta. The sand, grit and little pieces of glass cut into my soles. " OW, GOD!" An obese man observes me whizzing past from his rusty chair outside one of the houses with a huge grin on his face- like Jabba the Hut he wobbles, laughing at the sight of me. I hear little pockets of chuckling residents as I speed back down the road towards Marissio´s English Institute. Twenty seconds ago I was stroking a friendly-looking dog -it looked as though it would be the last one to have any mental illness... What happened? I hear it snarling and nipping at my feet. I lost my sandals about thirty metres back. My feet hurt ... read more
An outpost shrine over the sierras.
If you can´t see it, it says cold=constipado: what the actual hell?!

South America » Argentina » San Luis » San Luis March 31st 2011

Teaching is in essence a peculiar activity; being a teacher in the first place assumes you have some innate knowledge of the subject you´re teaching, along with the authority and confidence to teach it. Yet teachers sometimes have to study harder than the students themselves. I came here thinking that teaching English would be fairly simple, as, you know, I speak it. But when in the first lesson of a ´first certificate group´class, someone asks you about prepositions, and ends their sentence with "presumably", you need to start revising those assumptions... Argentina had a long weekend a couple of days back of four days; a time I thought could be spent asleep and enjoying the sun with my earphones in. Not so. Turns out that Nahuel´s Father (who´s really nice but scares me half to death ... read more
Nature pic- same old; grass, some water, maybe a lizard somewhere...

South America » Argentina » San Luis » San Luis March 22nd 2011

My time in B.A. had it´s ups and downs. An up, perhaps, was talking to a German guy and Dutch girl about whether it was ethical to be attracted to Disney characters. We concluded that when it comes to the little mermaid, anything goes. You all know about my down of course, and my new friend Fernando the locksmith. It´s now time to say goodbye to the other volunteers, and make my own perilously solo journey across Argentina to a little province named San Luis. My co-ordinator Kika finds that I´m the most prone to incident, and so accompanies me herself to the coach that will take me half way over this vast country. The others, obviously, are capable of doing it by themselves. She asks the coach staff to make sure I get off in ... read more
And them with Tiao
And in the beginning, there was food...
...and Elton John...

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