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February 7th 2010
Published: June 16th 2017
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We are in the middle of hippie heaven and Lemcke's, I'm not sure your dad has quite the same appreciation for their weirdnesses that I do 😉

This town seems to have two types--hippies and backpackers, and of course, backpacking hippies. There are hundreds of them. We're outnumbered so bad we're a rarity, a museum piece. We should be on TV as weird. Bob says we're outnumbered totally to one. Can you do that? El Bolson can.

Our hostel is run by Claudio and Vali, a young couple who speak a little English and have hearts of gold. Their place reminds us a bit of Andrea's in Montevideo--wonderful people and pretty basic accommodation. They are so nice though, they picked us up from the bus station yesterday, and today when we asked them about the possibility of renting a car, Claudio took us to the car rental place himself. There were no cars though, so we reserved one for tomorrow.

We've walked around town until our feet hurt, so we're back at the hostel for a snack and a hand or two of gin rummy. Next is the serious business of siesta, then it's out walking the town again and finding a place for dinner.

Last night I cooked dinner here at the hostel, but Bob felt really weird about that--uncomfortable, he said, so tonight's his choice. If you've never stayed at a hostel it's a little odd cooking for two of you and eating in front of others--just not something we've been raised to do. But I'd gotten into the kitchen first and by the time ours was done the others were lined up at the stove to cook their's too. There's just a little space for you in the fridge to put your food--some places want you to put your name on it, others, like this one, don't care. You just trust the others aren't going to be pawing through your grocery bags to see what's good.

The Antiguo Solar didn't even have salt and pepper for clients' use; here they have all kinds of condiments, so cooking is a little easier. In Bariloche all we did was boil some eggs and make toast. They were so intent on keeping things immaculate they didn't allow you to fry meat or even make scrambled eggs. Stoves, evidently, were for heating water only.

Well, Claudio has given us minute directions on where to find the big ones so we're off tomorrow to see if Bob can out fish me here, too.

Will report later.

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Like The Pants?Like The Pants?
Like The Pants?

No, they really are pants. Black on the outside of the leg and this catchy stripe pattern on the inside.
Artist with Exquisite WorkmanshipArtist with Exquisite Workmanship
Artist with Exquisite Workmanship

She could make a fortune in chic shops in the states.
Showing Her JewelryShowing Her Jewelry
Showing Her Jewelry

There were so many examples of really unique work, I could easily see someone coming down here and buying up a bunch of this stuff and selling it in the US. This piece was quite elaborate, but most of the others were very organic--silver with chunks of rock and other natural materials.
She Makes Paper BoxesShe Makes Paper Boxes
She Makes Paper Boxes

Paper boxes filled with dried flowers--so very El Bolson.

7th February 2010

Holy Moly! I thought you were kidding.
7th February 2010

8th February 2010

Maybe they're the normal people and we're the strange ones. Why did all the "normal" people choose El Bolson?Also, with your descriptions of eating, it seems that you both must be getting skinny.
8th February 2010

We are Totally Abnormal here, for sure. Not even too old, we're just too normal. There are some really interesting folks here. We walked into a restaurant our first night and I was rubbing my shoulder cause it was sore from carrying the cam
era bag all day, and the waitress asked me if I wanted something to drink for it.Something to drink for the sore shoulder.Bob says, Medicine, NO.Dang, I was curious. What was she going to give me? I could've gotten into something really interesting right then and there, but oh no, just boring normal us ;)
8th February 2010

Kind of reminds me of Asheville, NC....... strange but true....
8th February 2010

photo stolen from Bon Apetit magazine?
8th February 2010

You should see the hoards of people eating these decadent things. Paul, you ought to open a little kiosk on the beach--pay for your next ski trip.

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