'Was that a sign of cows.. or for the cows?!´

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Since our first night with Juan was so much fun, we decided to head out with him again, as well as Raphael the receptionist and the man from the bottom bunk (we never got his name). They took us to a traditional Brazilian bar where we tried to dance to Salsa music (as Juan put it, Lily was a natural with her hips, Amelia was more like a frog... so charming!) After Rapha had to get back so we trusted Juan to pick a good club... not sure whether he was trying to tell us something, or whether his lack of English led him to believe this is what we were asking for, but we ended up in a gay club. Now those of you who know us well, will know seeing men kissing men while we´re trying to dance is not something we would appreciate, putting us off somewhat! Lily still managed to dance with a tranny with out running away but Amelia unfortuntely stepped on a gay.. whilst he was kissing his boyfriend. This was when we knew it was time to leave, and got a taxi home, singing along to the english music which the driver kept turning up to drown us out.. didnt work!

We moved hostels the next day, but remained in BA and had a fairly relaxing few days, fitting in a cultural and historical tour of the city (well done us) and a day trip to a ranch, where we rode horses, watched a horse show and a tango show and ate incredible food (Amelia doesnt even like steak, but devoured hers) and of course made the most of free alcohol (bottle of wine each, ideal!)

On our final night in BA, Juan messaged inviting us out for a friends birthday, we took him pizza (quite brave of us after Amelia had previously had a slice SNATCHED our her hand by a dirty little thief on the street!) and energy drinks (oddly called mr love and speed) and he gave us each a pair of earrings, so sweet! We met a friend of his (phillipe) who thankfully did speak english and headed out to a bar to watch live music. The friend whos birthday it was never appeared, we are still suspicious as to whether he ever existed! After the bar we hit a club and danced for a few hours before saying goodbye to Juan for a final time!

The next day was our first long Arg bus trip, we were delighted with the space, foot rests, food, blankets, pillows and good films and arrived in Bariloche in a good mood! We were even happier when we arrived at our hostel and felt like we were in little log cabins, we had a huge room (which we had to ourselves for 2 nights and the other nights only had one other person) with cosy beds and a gorgeous view! We also had free food everynight, and huge portions! Whilst there we took a trip to the black glacier (beautiful but cold and raining!) and had a tour round the national park. After Bariloche we headed up to Mendoza, where we went to two different wineries, got our own private tour of one as we were the only english speakers (btw, we especially liked Montchenot Champana if anyone feels generous) and had a tour of an olive oil factory, a yummy way to end the day!

The following day we visited the highest mountain in South America, which we completely layered up for and then it was sunny (also snowy, just confusing!). On this trip we also met a lovely Aus couple, who felt sorry for us hearing about our stolen charger, so gave us an ipod charger! (They also found everything we said hilarious) We loved the trip, bu the three hour drive back to the city was tedious, so we spent it thinking of cat names, what a way to pass time!

After Mendoza we headed to Salta, meeting a frenchie on our bus journey (who whilst at mendoza terminal asked where we were going and lily said Mendoza.. fool!) who ended up following us to our hostel and trying to make us do cultural things with him (we didnt, we solidly sunbathed for 3 days). Whilst Salta was lovely (not so much the bed bugs that attacked lily), the journey there was not great, possibly because there were babies screaming all night, an old man next to us coughing up flem, a girl being sick on the floor in the aisle next to us (and noone cleared it up), her brother was then sick, whenever Amelia touched her foot rest the woman in front had a fit about it, there was no hot food, laptrays, blankets or pillows, loo roll or paper towels in the toilet and a ridiculously loud spanish film in the middle of the night! No wonder we had to lie around for days to recover such an ordeal!

Whilst in Salta, after checking our financial situation, we took up the bread, oil and vinegar challenge, eating just this at each meal solidly for about 5 days! Cheap and tasty! (although we were told we would have free dinner, and then didnt, so we were very unhappy!) Also we were told there was a pool... but not that it was green and unusable!

After Salta we went to Cordoba for 2 days (for those of you bothered to look at any of this on a map, you´ll see ou route made no sense) where we impressed ourselves by visiting not one, but two museums (would have been more if theyd actually been open!) and checking out some cultural sites and a street market. Awkwardly though when we went out for food, Amelia was wearing hotpants which apparently no longer fit (probs from our diet of just bread) and she had to walk around holding them up so not to flash her knickers! Our height of excitement in Cordoba was the quiz we played from the Kindle, before going to bed at 9pm, we know how to have fun!

Today we arrived in Puerto Iguazu, and headed off on a half day trip to the Brazilian side of the Iguazu falls, which was beautiful to look at, although the Arg side which we do tomorrow is supposed to be better! Odd to think we have popped to Brazil and back in an afternoon, always lovely to get a few extra passport stamps! Our hostel looks like a tropical resort with an incredible looking pool, and gorgeous weather! Quite excited to laze about the day after tomorrow before we head off to Brazil for our last 2 weeks of S.America!


Amelia & Lily

Ps, if anyone wants stuff from USA, let us know, plenty of goldfish will be coming back anyway,we spent our last bus jouney planning how much stuff we can throw out, to allow maximum goldfish packets in! x


16th May 2012

Cat Names !!
I hope you wern't trying to decide on new names for my cats !! Sounds like your having a great time :) hmm now what gift do I fancy from the US ?

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