Iguazu Falls.. now we know why it´s one of the wonders of the world

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June 17th 2008
Published: June 17th 2008
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1: The devils throat at Iguazu Falls 11 secs
We arrived in Puerto Iguazú after a 6 hour coach trip from Paraty to Sao Paulo then another 16 hours from Sao Paulo to Foz do Iguaçu... and yes we were tired! A short bus ride through border control and we were there!

We had orginally planned to stay in Foz first then travel over but accommodation etc is so much cheaper on the Argentian side that a quick decision was made. After a bit of coming and going we found a hostel which was ok and so cheap in comparison to what we were used to in Brazil.. and bigger rooms too.

The shock to us on arriving here was how cold it was. We had been used to t-shirts and shorts but fleeces, boots and trousers were definately needed here.. we are just hoping it doesn´t get too much colder!

Our first and only full day here was spent visiting the almightly Iguazu Falls (Argentian side!) and wow we were speechless when we first saw it. Dale needed a wee at this point and so much water wasn´t helpíng! The Rio de Iguazu (river) is borded by 3 countries, Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay. You can visit
Sophie ´under' the waterfallSophie ´under' the waterfallSophie ´under' the waterfall

You really could get so close (and wet!)
them from all 3 sides but the best by far is the Argentinian side with so many view points and jungle walks it´s easy to understand why most people come here. I don´t think it would matter how many photos we put on here you can´t capture it fully without all the noise, movement and volume of water so I hope our photos it a tiny bit of justice for all those who might not make it here themselves.

After taking in the many views of the falls we decided to have lunch with the coatis.. small mammals which are apparently cousins to the panda bear but actually they look nothing like them! They seem to be everywhere that there is food and swarm all around you as soon as you rustle a crisp packet. There are also many beautiful coloured birds but they were very difficult to get photos of them.. see Dale´s wildlife photo for evidence!

We also did a trek to a smaller waterfall with a natural pool which was very pretty but it was a bit too cold to take a dip. You can apparently also see Jaguars and Pumas along this walk and we were given a helpful warning card on what you could do if one attacks, now we can understand why we didn´t see many people on this walk! The highlight of this walk was seeing a troop of monkeys right above our heads but also quite difficult to get a good photo.

Puerto Iguazu is a very small town and it´s a bit out of season so things seem a bit flat so we are moving swiftly onto Buenos Aires where apparently the party is at! ....

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Aren´t they cute!
Dale and the Devils ThroatDale and the Devils Throat
Dale and the Devils Throat

You just cannot believe the amount of water that goes over this
Arrechea WaterfallArrechea Waterfall
Arrechea Waterfall

This was at the end of the Macuco Trail

20th June 2008

just wow!!!!! and i like ur new mates haha
21st June 2008

if we didnt ave to fly we wud b there. Beautiful beaches and scenery u both look fit and well take care catch up with u again soon xxxxx

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