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Published: March 27th 2008
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Waterfall photos from Iguazu National Park, both the Brazilian and Argentinian sides.

I took a second trip to Iguacu / Iguazu - the most spectacular waterfalls I have ever seen - the first trip was back in November Waterfall Wonderland, Foz do Iguaçu - secretly - I wasn't happy with the photographs - with a new camera (Nikon D300) and it's first serious outing - I messed up the settings, left the ISO on the value I'd used for a night trip to the Itaipu dam.

So a revisit was worth it - this time with a circular polarizing filter, a tripod and a lot more experience with the Nikon D300...

Additional photos below
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27th March 2008

Amazing photographs Ali! Looks like the return visit was worth it for these shots.
28th March 2008

So beautiful!
That waterfall is simply breathtaking! you were so lucky to be there!! ashley
28th March 2008

Well done !
Simply breathtaking...
28th March 2008

another wow moment
hi Ali brill pics can dad and I have your old camera love mum
8th April 2008

Great panorama - how'd you lay it out?
The first photo in this entry - how'd you get it to stretch across the whole page? I've been wondering how to do such a thing. What I'd REALLY like is a way to personalize the header image (currently header_bg_south-america.jpg on your page) when people go to my Blog page. Guess I should look for the "Feature Request" thread in the Forum...
4th May 2008

So jealous!!! Wonderful photos. will never get to go but hapy to see such beautiful scenes . thankyou
18th June 2008

Great pics
These are amazing pics, was there back in Feb. Great entry you've got also of Bariloche...went there winter and summer time...but at the Llao Llao level, had the feeling winter was nealry warmer than summer...will check Niagara Falls on friday and Victoria Falls this August...can't wait!
26th December 2008

well worth the second trip!!
Hi Ali, I think that Iguazu looks like its worth a second trip even if you had fantastic photos the first time...I have never been however I do plan to go...I believe it is the sort of place you could go and get such different photos each time as the wate flow would be different and the suroundings would change....the rainbows are great really love the third photo down on the right with the rainbow so low it alost looks like a light coming from the ground...just a glow!!!Well done and thanks for sharing!!
1st July 2009

mind blowing
the pictures shown are wonderful. realy no words 2 express. we need stil more photos. thanx 2 u for showing such a kind of environment
18th July 2009

Great pics. I've been there and these are the photos I wished I had taken of the falls!
16th October 2009

omg these pictures are absolutley stunning!!!!
10th November 2010

The falls are great. Amazing natural creation. I am very proud to know they belong to MY country, but in fact, they belong to the human nature.
10th March 2011

I love this photo so much. It is so peaceful to watch, almost like the water is actually moving.
1st April 2011

Gorgeous photo - as said before, you can almost see the water moving.
23rd April 2011

just awesome,stunning and majestic!!!
13th September 2011

Amazingly beautiful pic. Loved it so much. http://www.north-india-tourism.com/

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