Bariloche - Chocolate Box Beauty

Published: April 27th 2008
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As the cold winds blow in from the south, the year continues it's cycle in the southern lands at latitude 41 degrees it's autumn.

Bariloche is a chocolate box beauty and the gateway to Patagonia, famed for it's skiing and hiking, it's hills, mountains and lakes.

Visiting a ski resort inspired my lust for snow, I've missed the mountains and skiing for too many years now. But - walking past so many closed ski outfits, bursting with the latest blades and boards and goggles - I remember it's autumn, pull my inadequate bargain basement fleece a little tighter and see if it's possible to buy a wind-proof jacket for anything approaching a reasonable price - living on the road it isn't possible to carry clothing for all seasons - so I've developed a habit of picking up what I need when I need it and being prepared to ditch it when other climates. It's wasteful and annoying - but I know that I've donated many things to many worthy causes.

Three days hiking, three very different hikes, three perfect photo opportunities.

Cerro Otto - accessible by teleferico (cable car) from along the lakeside road, with a stunning walk back 7km to the town along the ridge.

Cerro Catederal - an hour bus ride from Bariloche is the ski-resort of Catederal - it must be something truly wonderful in the snowy season. A ride up the ski lifts to near the top of the 2400m summit - and then a hike along and around a ridge - signs halfway declaring - "proceeding any further is at your own risk" - I'm not sure who's risk the previous stretch of the walk was at.

Llao Llao, forests and lakes - mirror lakes. Wonderful 3hr hike through the peat smelling temperate forests.

Blog entries in progress - Memories from Rio, Brazil the South (Floripa and Curitiba), Uruguay and Smokey Buenos Aires. But I thought it was about time I posted something about where I am now...

Additional photos below
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27th April 2008

beautiful pics!
Hey Ali, Those are beautiful photos. We're in Cordoba at the mo, just back from watching tango in the Plaza Martin. Bariloche looks amazing, don't think we'll make it this time but next time...
27th April 2008

Gorgeous photos.
I especially love the yellow leaves against the blue sky. Beautiful.
27th April 2008

Nature & Rare Metals
Ali I just love your nature pictures, you really excel in this area. And that rear split window VW was a rare find too.
27th April 2008

You are amazing!!!
27th April 2008

Amazing shots and colours!
Looks like the D300 is doing a great job. Of course the photographer counts a lot too ;)
28th April 2008

Gorgeous photos!
5th May 2008

So you're with the D300? which lenses are ya usin'? nice work, Ali! Hey... I'm goin' travelin' and photographing for 14 months. Maybe I'll run into you! It would be an honor!!!! smiles.

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