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November 29th 2007
Published: November 29th 2007
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Rafting groupRafting groupRafting group

I´m the only one in a wetsuit (how unattractive!) as I was the only lunatic floating down without a raft only a float thingy!
Oh my God - what a day. Little bit of confusion when we got to the adventure base... think we might have been picked up by the wrong company - my fault, was super eager to get on a mini bus and the poor guy did not have much chance (although I did give him the voucher - then again the hotel might have made a mistake in what they told us they booked us into)... anyway no worries. Tara did the hike and I changed to the white water rafting for the morning (the afternoon one was shorter and tamer and you know me... the wilder the better!). Anyway had the best time - the rapids were strong and almost out of the raft a good few times. Then stopped half way down at a calm spot and the guides (three guides (one in each raft and one in a canoe) for five tourists!! Lots of personal attention) asked who wanted to jump off rocks (had to climb and hike back up river to do this) into the river and ride the rapids down abit to where the rafts were. Of course I was the only lunatic to do it
Pallo - morning guidePallo - morning guidePallo - morning guide

He is not the one who pulled me over the rafts!
- had such a blast and was making such "yahoooos" out of me that two of the others in the group decided to do it with me the next time... and then I went back for a third go! Was brilliant. Then carried on down river. There was plenty of splashing between the two rafts and I got the guide in the other one really good.... big mistake - he turned around and grabbed me and pulled me off the raft - my head landed in their raft and my leg was still stuck in my own raft - it felt like ages that I was like a bridge between the two rafts but was probably only 10 seconds - anyway he was not letting go so had to unwind leg and go head over heels in the other raft! You know me - I loved it, added danger!
Went back to base where sunbathed and swam in the pool until lunch was ready. Because Tara & I were the only two doing full day trip, we ate with the guides - good laugh (especially for the guides who were puling the piss out of us in Spanish... know this as when we would ask what they were saying it would take them time to think of something - and no it was not a problem for them to translate as they have excellent English.
Anyway after lunch Tara choose to do the short calmer white water rafting and I (yes I´m so crazy) opted for the "hold on to half a tube and go down river solo" - it was brilliant - got to actually go under some rapids similar to as when surfing ... got such a buzz from it. Then was kicking like crazy to control my direction - there was a guy in a canoe devoted just to making sure I did not kill myself! Back to base for beers (well darn me anyway for not liking beer - I was on water!) and chatting, and just back to hotel now. Heading out later and meeting up with people from today.
So basically to make a ong story short - I´m moving here and going to become a white water rafting guide! Seriously.... well probably until the next big adventure.
Ok, time to go get semi pretty - this no make up, no hairdryer (well there is actually a mini one in the hotel but you know my crazy hair!) no heels is hard going.... ah well I knew what I was getting into!
Oh I guess when you get this - Happy Friday!
Think of me - driver picking us up at 10.30 to do tour of three wineries with super bumper lunch in one of them. Tan is coming up nicely too - the sun is shining everyday. But I´m sure I´ll be aching after today - have not had this much exercise in forever! Lx


30th November 2007

What a life
Well lady! I've decided it. I'm coming back as you in my next life! Glad you're having a ball!
30th November 2007

Happy Friday
Hi there COW! You're wrecking my head with all these tales of fun, food, and boozing. Oh to be a free spirit like yourself...! Not sure I can handle reading these anymore - I may follow in Laura B's footsteps and get taken off your distribution list! love ya, Laura E.
30th November 2007

Dia Duit!
I have been reading all tour blogs. Enjoying them, read them to Mam there. She loved listening to them, Chat soon. Tx

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