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December 3rd 2007
Published: December 3rd 2007
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Some of the HungariansSome of the HungariansSome of the Hungarians

Yes, that smells like wine!
Well ladies & gentlemen, this is a little backfill as I was lazy there for a few days. After the rafting had a bit of a crazy night out in Mendoza. Went for an absolutely wonderful dinner in Mendoza with Tara in a place recommended by Estafan (one of the guides from rafting) - amazing food and wine - we both ordered samplers which consisted of three reds for me and three whites for Tara. Now let me tell you that these were so far from samplers - 15 euro glasses of wine in Ireland would hold less! Fabulous I hear you all say! These crowd of Brazillian men (much older on business) starting chatting to us - good fun but for once I would have to say that they definitely had other things on their minds than being friendly... we skipped out of there pretty quick. Met up with two of the rafting guides and went to a nightclub - really cheesey 80s and 90s music - right up my street! Had a great night but still home by 3.30 which is crazy early by Argentina standards!
Picked up bright and early next morning for wine tasting - have
Lisa... posingLisa... posingLisa... posing

What´s new? It was amazing... the scenery I mean!
to say by the time we reached the first winery at 11.30 I was still not "feeling the love for wine".... suffered through half a glass of white while we wandered around the winery and the museum... but just could not finish it... oh oh, what a waste I was thinking.... No fear friends.... had the most amazing lunch at the next winery with four different types of wine with each course (did I mention unlimited wine and food??? Seriously!!!), hurrah, Lisa is back to herself!!! Yum, yum and more yummy! There were a group of six Hungarians setting at the table behind us and were making faces at me all during lunch - a mixture of older and young guys - they invited us to join them on winery tour which we declined... BUT they were still waiting for us when we got to the starting point of the tour as they also wanted the tour in English... they were great fun and invited us to go with them in their minibus to another winery (they all invested in a winery in Hungry and were looking for ideas). Anyway, chica locas went with them and it was such fun.
I know... you have seen enough of me..I know... you have seen enough of me..I know... you have seen enough of me..

Sorry - this is where I was...
Bought loads of wine at the last winery and brought it back to their "villa type place" where a chef came in to cook dinner - more total yum! There were lots more people staying here and was lovely place. The brats threw me in the pool so I ended up going home in borrowed clothes.... great laugh though. No photos of this!
Next day we tried to book bus to Bariloche but all booked out - went to San Rafael three and half hours south of Mendoza. Very late dinner here and was pretty pooped afterwards so early enough night 1am. Hired a car and went out to the Canyon the next day - supposely second largest in the world after the Grand Canyon... Was really pretty and huge. Very scary roads.... thankfully our driver was very cautious - not like me Mairead on the roads around Monte Carlo!!! Anyway back to our four and half star hotel (whoops, I know I was supposed to start roughing it but seriously, the hostels were booked out) - fab pool. Ah sure, only live once and all that jazz!.
Took the overnight bus lastnight and once again slept so welll -
Lisa & TaraLisa & TaraLisa & Tara

This was really scary - it might not look it from this photo... but it was. It´s ok, I survived!
the most amazing scenery today on the way here - this really is the best country in the world.

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Sleepy LisaSleepy Lisa
Sleepy Lisa

After the wonderful lunch.... so yummy!

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