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November 28th 2007
Published: November 28th 2007
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Is it a bird...Is it a bird...Is it a bird...

Cork lads & BIFFOs
In Mendoza - wine country, hmmm! Ended up not going to Palermo on Monday night and instead hung out with two BIFFOs - Beautiful Intelligent Fellas From Offaly I've been told it stands for!!! Later met up with Cork lads again and ended up in Gibraltar AGAIN and it was once again a crazy late night/early morning. Great fun so worth the shattered agony of having to check out at 10 am (well it was almost 11am when I actually got moving) and then to wander around Palermo (with only a quick nap at Tara´s) until the 9 pm bus. I was never so happy at the propsect of 12 hours sitting/lying (fully recling seats) in one place ever. Slept like a log on the bus for almost 10 hours (?? yes I was that tired) so did not feel too bad when we got to our hotel today. Booked in for a full day of hiking/canoeing/swinging from one mountain to another like you see the army on TV or the A-Team!!! Can´t wait. Being picked up at the hotel around 9am.
So today went for a wander around Mendoza but only got one block when saw the Hyatt... more inportantly
Full of hugs very late into the night..Full of hugs very late into the night..Full of hugs very late into the night..

I should have had sense and gone home since I had early check out... but oh no, not Lisa.
the sign for the Spa at the Hyatt... I've slipped up again and forgot that I'm supposed to be roughing it... got one hour Thai massage, one hour facial, pedicure, other treatments, sauna, jacuzzi & steam room. I feel like a new person.
Can´t wait to go out for dinner & wine tonight. So taking it easy though as tomorrow will be tough going.
The weather continues to be totally fabuous. People are great, and I don´t have to mention the food and wine again. All yummy!
I promise I´ll put up some photos soon - keep leaving camera in room... so much for the great zoom on it. The poor thing is not getting out much! Another thing to add to my list of 'to dos'! Lx

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Silly girls!Silly girls!
Silly girls!

Wandering around the Japanese Gardens in Palermo trying so hard to stay awake!
Me in the gardens againMe in the gardens again
Me in the gardens again

See how sleepy I look!

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