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South America » Argentina » La Pampa December 27th 2016

My first time in Argentina was in Bariloche where I stayed for a whole week and it was Christmas week! I got to do a nice walk in Llao Llao park, a boat ride on the Lake to Puerto Blest and drink and eat delicious chocolate in the town centre. But the whole weekend of the Christmas Eve and day, everything was closed so we had a lovely quiet weekend with all the travelers in the hostal, à bbq and some sort of salsa dancing on the Xmas eve. The next day we all Skype our families to wish them a merry Christmas and then decided to watch love actually to feel the December vibe!! Great city, still so much to do there so will have to be for another time! ;) I am now writing ... read more

South America » Argentina » La Pampa » Santa Rosa December 5th 2012

Day 4 Summary: Bug Day Distance travelled 810Km Max speed: 95Mph We were playing nicely in the park in La Cumbre right next to our hotel, messing around. Then when we left we were still having fun and I put my soft toy (snuggles) out of the window and it looked like you can see in the photo. We went past lots of Go-Karting places and water parks and a nice big lake. I was messing around with Joe and Ben in the back of the car. When we got tired we played Jet Pack Jump on Ben’s phone. I was feeling tired. It was very hot outside but we didn’t feel it because we had the air conditioning on. Outside there was lots of nice scenery like grass and cows. We got to a restaurant ... read more
Big Moth
Nice Hotel
Ben with nice Golden Retriever

South America » Argentina » La Pampa » Santa Rosa January 31st 2009

de Tandil nous allions visiter la Pampa oú le père de Pablo vit...... read more
la lagune
le piou piou

South America » Argentina » La Pampa January 16th 2009

Have you ever sat on a bus for 19 hours straight? The thought of it probably makes you sick? Well, this is because you’ve never tried it in Argentina. It’s 1600 KM from Buenos Aires to Bariloche. Most of the drive is through the flat lands of La Pampa. There are three classes of tickets you can buy, cama, semi-cama, and cama suite. It was only $20 USD more for the “suite” so we took it. Much to my pleasure, and soon to be terror, we were given the two seats in the very front, on the upper level. Oh ya’ baby. The view was spectacular, but unfortunately we could see everything. As I explained earlier they drive, um…different than we do in Alaska. When sitting in the back of the bus you can see only ... read more
Leaving Buenos Aires, Argentina
Traffic Jam
Rocked to Sleep

South America » Argentina » La Pampa November 7th 2008

(Catherine) In the last two weeks, we´ve travelled from the very bottom of Argentina right up to the top where it meets with Brazil. We´ve covered a lot of ground in a short space of time but it´s been really easy because Argentina has the best buses in the world! We did three overnight journeys while we were there and each time we went a class higher. Our first journey was in semi-cama class where there were four seats in every row which reclined a bit. They showed films in English and we had a hot dinner (with Pepsi!) and breakfast in the morning. Next, we upgraded to cama class where there were only three chairs in each row so they were a lot wider (they were also leather and really comfy!). On this journey, we ... read more
Penguin at Punta Tombo
Penguins Going for a Swim
Big Teapot

South America » Argentina » La Pampa November 3rd 2008

Sunday - A day at the Estancia La Cinacina This morning, 6 of the Linguatec Students met for a day excursion with our teacher Sylvia to an Estancia in the Pampas region! The 120 km trip took about close to 2 hours on the minibus, but was very much worth it. We arrived in the little pueblo of San Antonio de Areco around noon. San Antonio de Areco is the symbolic center of the Gaucho culture. Every year in November, Gauchos from all of Argentina gather here for a festival celebrating their nomadic lifestyle and ancestry. The Gaucho is the cowboy of Argentina who, until about the late 19th century, used to live a free life, beyond the law, living of the land and cattle, only loved by his horse! However life changed when estancias were ... read more
Carriage Ride
the vast Pampa

South America » Argentina » La Pampa » Santa Rosa February 21st 2008

Hello hello hello!!!! I hope you all had a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year and great holidays!!!! I have had a very long holiday here in Argentina. I have been on holidays for 2 months - it’s crazy!!! Yet so great! I will be returning to face the working world in a week though! I have been here in Santa Rosa, La Pampa for Christmas and New Years which has been great. Everybody here welcomed me with open arms, Kevin’s parents in particular have been fantastic!!! Christmas was a crazy time for me, I arrived and to be honest was feeling a little freaked out about the whole situation! But everyone has been great. Of course during the family gatherings when everyone was talking loudly and at the same time it was a little ... read more
Santa Rosa 2008 064
My new dress!!!

South America » Argentina » La Pampa » Santa Rosa July 8th 2006

Lahdimme siis jo monta paivaa sitten taas reissaamaan....sita reissaamista tulikin sitten useammaksi paivaksi kuin uskoimmekaan. Alkuperainen suunnitelmamme oli menna La Pampalle, jotta Hanna paasee uudestaa hepan selkaan ja samalla viettaa muutama paiva uudessa paikassa. Suunnitelma valmis, joten liput kohti Santa Rosaa, joka on La Pampan alueen paakaupunki. Seuraavana aamuna totesimme mita tarkoittaa matkustaminen ns. off-beaten-track eli alueella, jossa ei turisteja kay oikeastaan lainkaan tai ne jotka kayvat ovat lansimaista jarjestetyilla pakettimatkoilla (lue: riittavan hintavilla). Otetaan ensiksi positiiviset asiat: emme ole koskaan ennen tormanneet yhta auttamishaluiseen turistioffiisiin, ihmiset olivat aivan uskomattoman ystavallisia ja olisivat saattaneet antaa paitansa paaltaan, jos olisi oikein surkean nakoisena kysynyt... :) SItten niita negatiivisia: ensinnak... read more
Paikallinen taidemuseo...
Ex Casa
Vanhoja autoja

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