Day 4: Bug Day

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December 5th 2012
Published: December 7th 2012
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Day 4 Summary: Bug Day

Distance travelled 810Km

Max speed: 95Mph

We were playing nicely in the park in La Cumbre right next to our hotel, messing around. Then when we left we were still having fun and I put my soft toy (snuggles) out of the window and it looked like you can see in the photo.

We went past lots of Go-Karting places and water parks and a nice big lake. I was messing around with Joe and Ben in the back of the car. When we got tired we played Jet Pack Jump on Ben’s phone. I was feeling tired.

It was very hot outside but we didn’t feel it because we had the air conditioning on. Outside there was lots of nice scenery like grass and cows.

We got to a restaurant which was very nice and posh. Mum got out of the car and got bitten by lots of mosquitos. As soon as we had our starters (which were delicious: cheese, chicken, ham) we saw a massive beetle on a man’s back which bit him on the neck. I called him Beetle Man, instead of Spider Man.

When we went out of the restaurant there were loads of the beetles that bit the man. And then one flew right through my legs into the restaurant! I had the car keys and jumped and shouted across the beetles until I jumped into the car.

We went to a petrol station where the man thought our car was diesel and nearly put diesel in. There were hundreds of beetles, bugs, moths and the beetle that bit the man in the restaurant was on dad’s shirt.

Afterwards when it was dark there was a big storm with lots of lightening, rain and wind.

We kept on driving until we got to Santa Rosa and mum found a nice hotel at half past midnight. My room was small, had a bunk and I was in there, so was Joe and Ben.

What I liked about that day was that we were having fun in the car but I didn’t like the big storm because it was scary.

Love Nadia

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