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March 9th 2012
Published: March 14th 2012
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Ed's horse!
After breakfast, Ed decided he didn't want to ride for a second day (but he did give his erstwhile horse a little pat when it was handed out to someone else to ride that day).

We sat around most of the day as Jo was feeling unwell and we had decided to pack up and take a taxi an hour and a half to Cordoba to find a decent doctor to sort her out. The plan was to find a hotel for the night and rejoin the group the following day in Cordoba. However, Kevin was taking a trip to the dentist at 5.30 pm to Faldo (a town 40 minutes away in the other direction) and offered to take us to his Clinic there. We were extremely grateful as it would save a lot of hassle and faffing about.

Ivan joined us as 'official translator' and Kevin drove us into town. The scenery was lovely over a very good mountain road and Kevin pointed out the flora and fauna of the area including Nightjars which only moved away when the car got very close to them. He also gave us very interesting facts about famous people who have

a very camp picture
either visited the Ranch (or not) and told us his ranch has been on the holiday programme on BBC1.

The clinic was very efficient and thorough and a blood test (for which Jo insisted on using her sterile needle from the Medical kit although suspect this was totally unnecessary), urine sample and ultrasound later, we were sent on our way 2 hours later with a further set of antibiotics (which would hopefully do the trick)!

We returned at about 9.30 pm for the tail end of the barbecue arranged by the ranch. Jo wasn't hungry but Ed had empanada, steak, salad and bread and wine and fruit salad.

We then went to bed


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