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March 8th 2012
Published: March 14th 2012
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A ride to the waterfallA ride to the waterfallA ride to the waterfall

Arrival at the waterfall
It was our group´s cooking turn so we prepared a packed lunch just after breakfast had been cleared for people to take away for later of rolls with cheese/salami, tomato and cucumber with either an apple or banana and a chocolate bar.

Ed went horse-riding at about 11.00am with the majority of the group to a nearby
waterfall about 1 hour and a half away. He ate lunch at the waterfall then rode back to the ranch around 3.30 pm. The horses were very docile and clearly could have been left on automatic transmission and steering! All was nearly at walking pace as the pace was restricted by terrain and the other horses in the group. This was an extremely relaxing pace with nice green scenery over rolling hills with lots of gates to go through, all opened for us by the guides. We had the opportunity to swim in the adjacent pool but only 3 or 4 bothered as most of us were happy to just hang around in a nice shaded area. The climb down to the waterfall was not that easy....... Happy to be back and to get down from Agapito (my horse). Sore bum syndrome!!
'The Old Dairy''The Old Dairy''The Old Dairy'

and a good time was had by all...

Jo went for a walk for just over an hour with Eva instead of horse-riding but returned as it was too hot to walk for too long in the heat. The original idea had been to walk as far as the waterfall but decided this was just too far with the hot sun beating down and had a lazy afternoon instead......

We prepared dinner in the late afternoon and tried to use the cooker in the kitchen but as the burners did not work properly, we eventually got out the gas burners from the truck which were far more efficient.

After a dinner of sweet and sour veggies with rice followed by oranges in red wine together with an apple compote made from leftover apple pieces from the other group's breakfast, we went to the Games Room where we were entertained by a
singer with guitar who sang traditional-styled Argentinian folk musuc who was surprisingly very good. Then to bed fairly early for a short read then sleep.

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