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December 5th 2011
Published: December 5th 2011
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Ive realized that my time here in Buenos Aires is slowly coming to a close and although it makes me really sad...the least I can do is enjoy the short amount of time that I have left. Thursday night after class I decided to meet up with some of my friends in Las CaƱitas for a girls night out because Id been dying to check out the neighborhood. It was really fun...we met at a Dutch bar (which I immediatly realized I had been to before) and then headed to Jackie O aftewards. It was a really nice night and we came home early (4a.m. because no one was down to go to a boliche afterwards).

Friday I was supposed to have 2 interviews. The first interview I had with the Marine Fish Conservation Network, which hopefully went ok. At this point I really need an internship and it seems like a job that I would really like. Fingers crossed! Afterwards I was supposed to have another internship interview but I never got the phone call. Afterwards we headed to a Korean BBQ place in Belgrano that we had been dying to go to...which was of course closed when we got there. Instead we went next door to the Chinese restaurant that had a Tenedor Libre (buffet). Tenedor Libre was a little unnecessary because I generally dont like to eat that much food...but it was cheap and nice to enjoy a meal with all of my roommates while theyre still in the city. Afterwards we went to Carrefour to get some drinks to enjoy by the pool because the weather has been so nice. Im at a point in my trip now where I really dont want to leave and Im really happy in the city. After dinner I agreed to go on a date with a guy that I met at a boliche 2 weeks ago...which was fun. I made it home safely around 230.

Saturday we made pancakes for brunch which was really nice because I havent had anything like them the whole time Ive been down here. Afterwards we headed to colegiales for the Graffiti tour that id been dying to do. it was a little expensive, but a really cool way to see different parts of the city and learn about the street art culture in Buenos Aires. Later Saturday night we headed back to Terrazas, my favorite club in the city. Once again it was a blast and we danced until the sun came up. I could definitely get used to dancing all night long.

Sunday...well i didnt really do anything sunday. We made pancakes and eggs again. Went to starbucks. Had our swimsuits on all day with the intent of going swimming...but it never happened because there were so many family members over that Dani and I felt intimidated to go downstairs and start swimming. I thought about doing homework all day...but it never actually happened. This week is crunch time. Ive got a final exam tomorrow and a ton of journals for my Culture and Civilization class in spanish to catch up on...not to mention I have a 10 page paper in Spanish due next week. At this point I really just want to pass the class because none of my grades are transferring. So one night of hard studying, an exam tomorrow, and tomorrow is my 22nd Birthday. I cant believe Im already 22...when did that happen? It will be weird to celebrate my birthday BA away from my friends and my family. But Im excited to celebrate Argentina style with my new Argentine family. Chau!


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