Midterms, Palacio Barolo, and a little spice in my life

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October 26th 2011
Published: October 26th 2011
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I had my second round of midterms this week. ugh but overall they werent that hard. plus monday i went on another field trip with my literature class. we went to palacio barolo in centro. its a really cool building that is based on the divine comedy by dante. each level of the building is supposed to represent a different level of hell, pergatory, or heaven. i didnt really understand all of the symbolism because i never read the book, but it was pretty crazy to see such an elaborate building with everyday offices in it. i really enjoyed the tour, especially because he would say a phrase in spanish and then english, so i could test my listening comprehension skills. my favorite part of the building was the top level. we walked up several levels of narrow staircases to probably one of the best views in the city. then we climbed up a ladder to the lighthouse and the top where you could see the whole city below. it was awesome and probably not a building that i would have been able to see had it not been for my class. afterwards i decided to take the bus back by
dante's infermodante's infermodante's infermo

each floor was supposed to represent a different level of hell
myself and after wandering around aimlessly downtown couldnt find it and took the subte instead. i was really sad though because i missed the hot sauce delivery (susana and i found an argentine hot sauce company called ya ya bean run by 2 guys from the states). We really like the hot sauce and have brought it out at dinner every night thus far. its really funny to see our host family pass it around too. i think its a little spicy for their liking, but it definitely makes dinner a little more interesting.

well, im happy to have midterms over. i still need to finish up some homework, upload some pictures, and apply for a few more internships. plus i booked our hostel for Bariloche in Patagonia in 2 weeks. to top it all of, im leaving tomorrow night for iguazu falls. im so excited. life in Argentina is really picking up and now that im past the halfway point its starting to feel like my time here is slipping out of my fingers. Well ill be back with hopefully some amazing pictures and blogs from iguazu on sunday. Chau!

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