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October 23rd 2011
Published: October 26th 2011
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Its so true, im always working for the weekend here. I love the weekends here because not only do i have a 3 day weekend every weekend, but i also get to sleep in as long as i want, go out, and take a break from the weekday commute to school (sometimes up to an hour each way by bus).
Thursday Night: I started the night of at another Spanglish event and had so much fun. I met some really cool people and received a lot of reccomendations for things to do in Argentina. We also met a really nice Argentine woman and had dinner with her on the terrace of the thai restaurant/ bar where spanglish was held. it was the first food ive had here other than argentine food which was really exciting. the terrace was beautiful. i think one of my favorite things here is that most of the buildings have really cool rooftops or courtyards. a nice place to take a break from the craziness of the city. After Spanglish, my 2 friends and i had planned on meeting up with another friend at her residencia and heading to a bar in san telmo to meet up with a friend that we met in rosario for his birthday. however, by the time we got to the residencia it was almost midnight and everyone was already getting ready to go to the boliche, which we had planned on going to after. so, rather than go through the trouble and money of cabbing to and from san telmo, we went straight to club 69 for their anniversary party. it was so so fun and probably one of the best things ive done in buenos aires. we danced from around 1am to 5am. they had a drag show and a dj and all of the dancers were dressed in shiny, bright clothings. they also had break dancers and rappers and a stage with dancers that came out into the middle of the crowd. you probably had to be there, but it was one of those things were all of your friends are there and the music and ambiance was awesome. overall a really good night, i only wished i had brought my camera!

friday: after spending most of the day recovering from the night before, susana and i met up with our friend susan at the MALBA (Museo de arte latinoamericana de buenos aire/ Buenos Aires Museum of Latin American Art). I really liked the museum. Its in one of my favorite areas of the city and its really colorful and pretty from the outside. Inside the museum had a lot of traditional latin american art but also some really cool modern art that kind (you know the kind that kind of messes with your head). afterwards we stopped at starbucks before walking through the parks of palermo. i love how everyone comes out to the parks on the weekends. there are just people everywhere rollerblading, skateboarding, walking, slacklining and just hanging out enjoying the nice weather. afterwards we parted ways susan, and feeling ambitious decided to walk the rest of the way home. it was a good couple of miles but we made it by dark and i loved being able to see the sunset over the lake by our house. that night susana and i went to bed earlier, exhausted from our day of walking and late night out the day before.

saturday: our 3 other roommates were in montevideo all weekend so once again susana and i spent the morning lounging around the house. we finally decided to get food, but too lazy to actually go anywhere, we ordered some delivery pizza and empanadas. I love delivery here. its so cheap to have food delivered and you can have anything from sushi to ice cream to alcohol delivered directly to your house. our food arrived and we met our new housemate (we didnt realize anyone was coming until our until our host family just showed up with her). her name is dana and i really like her. we went on a run when she arrived and then got ready to go to my first argentine house party. we couldnt go to a club on saturday night because all of the bars and clubs in the city closed on saturday night at 8pm. this is because the presidential elections were being held the next day and elections here always involve a dry day. the party was pretty cool. you would never know it was there unless you were looking for it. we just walked up the stairs and were suddenly in what looked like an abandoned apartment building. for only $30 pesos we drank unlimited fernet and cokes (fernet is the national drink of argentina, its not my favorite, but mixed with coke its not too bad). they also had beer pong and a keg, which was pretty funny. after dancing the night away again we headed back to the house and slept the day away.

sunday (election day!): after finally waking up we headed to the recoleta fair. i loved the it! it was full of craft items and it was really cool to get to talk to all of the artists. there were some really unique items and i bought a black tunic dress with a really pretty purple border. i really want to go back. also while we were at the fair, Dana and i wandered into the recoleta cemetary. i was waiting until we go with cea, but we were so close and i wanted to go so bad that i couldnt resist just going in for a bit. the only bummer, i didnt have my camera so my entry about the cemetary will have to wait until i have pictures and enough time to fully explore the cemetary. sunday night we had dinner while watching all of the excitement of the elections on T.V. it was pretty funny to watch because Christina won and my host family is definitely not her biggest fan. they kept yelling stuff like no la voté and ay 4 más años. it was pretty exciting to be in the city during elections.

overall it was a really exciting weekend. but i spent way too much money and didnt get any homework done.


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